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A responsive website is basically a mobile website and responsive development technology at this point is pretty much the industry standard in how iOS app development companies build mobile websites. 

But before we get into the core of the topic we have to first understand why responsive mobile websites and apps are so essential today. In the last quarter of 2019 internet users using mobile devices have significantly increased, approx. 52.6% of the internet traffic was generated through mobile devices.

Considering all the stats and the boom in the app development market we can say that responsive mobile browsing is now the new standard that business owners have to pay attention to.

As this year has just kicked off, who knows by the end of this year around 60% of all internet traffic might be generated by mobile devices. So, being responsive is important because businesses need to give their users an experience that will make them stay on their website.

Adaptive, responsive, and hybrid web development is the development gospel when it comes to attracting or reaching out to the maximum number of consumers. So, here are a few factors that will help you make up your mind if you are considering responsive development to leave your competitors behind.

Retention Is King:

The longer one can retain a visitor on their website the more chances are that these users become leads. The more leads a business has the more it can convert into customers. 

User retention is king, but what has that got to do with responsive design?

It is about giving the users a positive user experience, but there are all sorts of factors that go into making a positive user experience. But to make it easy for you, essentially it all boils down to serving the content and the functionality to your users in the way that they want to consume it.

With so many websites and similar service providers out there, it has become very easy for the user to switch focus and be diverted. So, it really affects the prospects of the user converting into a potential lead if the user has to work hard to attain information about your products or services.

These are where responsive designs offer assistance, by creating websites that can adapt to certain environments. Whether the user is using a desktop computer or a tablet-like device to reach you, your website should have the ability to adapt to fit any of those devices and serve content in a way that is the easiest for the user to consume.

Versatility and Convenience:

If your business is one that offers relevant information to your visitors who may need it at all times, then it is clear that you would benefit from a responsive design. Restaurants for example are prime real estate for this solution as restaurants with mobile-ready websites receive 80% more customers in comparison to their non-responsive counterparts. 

Similarly, any e-commerce business is doing a disservice to itself by not having a responsive design. This past Black Friday more than 60% of online purchases were made using online devices. The versatility and convenience of mobile websites are simply undeniable. 

Boosts Your Business to Business Operations:

B2B services find themselves more resistant to the new mobile web browsing world today. But we have recently observed that a lot of business-to-business companies are adapting to this trend. Last year there was a 35-45% increase in the number of companies in this industry that have successfully shifted online operations to mobile-ready websites.

Be Blessed By Google:

Google is constantly seeking ways to improve its search engine algorithms in order to create a fair workplace and marketplace full of relevant information for its users. Because of this from the sheer amount of websites available online only the best responsive designs make it to the top recommendations on Google.

Since 2016 mobile responsiveness became a must-have feature for candidacy in Google’s top search rankings. Now, as of 2020 Google policies since then have become more mobile responsive friendly.

So it is really simple the more responsive elements found in your website the more it ranks higher in the Google search rankings. The higher you end up in Google’s top recommendations the more chances of your business to gain visibility.     

The more visible and reachable you are online the more chances for you to attain potential leads that can further convert into loyal buyers.

Harness The Power of Analytics:

The behavioral patterns of purchasing have changed with the increasing incorporation of mobile technology. People are more likely to search online for reviews and other forms of validation in order to ensure that the purchase they are making is intelligent and informed. 

So it becomes absolutely necessary to monitor your customers and learn about how they came to your product or service. It is vitally important to understand the underlying trends about how your company is generating business so that you can capitalize on it and build on it.

By having a responsive solution ready for your consumers’ one can take the power of analytics in hand and assess the market as a whole. There are a wide variety of analytical tools available online that have the ability to display unique figures and stats relevant to your business. These tools provide real-time figures that can come in handy when formulating strategies to grow your reach online.


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