5 Tips on How to Move to NYC with Pets

Move to NYC

Moving is stressful enough for people, so you can only imagine how the experience can be for pets. Our animal companions are not known to be the best travelers, Move to NYC neither do they like their usual routines disturbed.

It’s therefore not unusual to notice subtle changes like increased anxiety in pets when they begin noticing activity that is out of their ordinary routine during the moving process.

Anyone who has moved with a pet will admit the experience can be nerve-wracking, especially if you did not anticipate the animal’s reaction.

While there is no golden rule for moving with pets, these 5 tips can go some way towards making everyone’s experience a pleasant one, whether you are hiring moving services or going it alone.

Preparation is key

A little preparation goes a long way, but thorough preparation makes things even simpler. However, when doing your preparations, you should not forget that your needs are dependent on what kind of pet(s) you are moving.

Of paramount importance is the need to have an overnight starter pack. This pack should have everything to keep your pets sustained, entertained, and comfortable during the move.

Make sure you have up-to-date paperwork from your vet, in addition to food and water bowls, accompanying treats, and litter boxes. Towels, grooming tools, and blankets should also be on hand, and don’t forget their favorite toys too.

These items give the animal a sense of familiarity and help them uphold their normal routines which is extremely important during the moving process.

Be knowledgeable on NYC pet rules and regulations

If you are moving to NYC from another jurisdiction, make sure you are well acquainted with the rules and regulations governing pets in the Big Apple.

For instance, depending on the animal, some form of vaccination may be mandatory in NYC. You may also be required to have a pet license and other necessary certificates with you. This is in addition to observing regulations like the canine waste and dog leash laws.

Prior to moving in, inquire from your new landlord or neighborhood association on whether there are any pet rules you need to be aware of.

Visit your resident vet

For the safety of your pet(s), it is always advisable to have them undergo full examination prior to the move.

For pets moving to New York City from other jurisdictions, which may require air travel, always have on you the proper paperwork needed at the airport or border crossing.

In the case of an anxious pet, your vet should be able to advise you on what can be done to ease their anxiety.

While at the vet, don’t forget to update your animal’s collar tags with your new NYC phone number. With all the changes taking place, it’s not unheard of for animals to wander off. In the unfortunate event yours does, you want to make sure you can be easily reached.

You can also consider having them micro-chipped if they are not already as a collar can get lost anytime.

Don’t digress from the norm

A few days leading up to your relocation date, we advise that you keep your routine as close to normal as possible. Keep your walking and feeding routines regular. This should help keep the pet’s stress levels at bay.

On the big day itself, it’s important to keep the pets secluded from all the moving action if you don’t want them growing restless.

If there is no calm room to isolate them, you can have your pet stay with a friend or a daycare center until the dust has settled, ideally sparing a few minutes to check up on them.

The whole point is to keep them calm and reassure them that everything is okay.

Move the pet in your car

Unless you’re taking a flight to NYC, it’s best to have the pet ride in your car, if applicable.

As much as moving trucks or vans come with professionals who know how to handle pets during a move, this is a setting your pet is not familiar with.

During the move, ensure the animal is well hydrated and occasionally let them have relief breaks.

To prepare for the drive to New York City, we advise that you take your pets for short drives a few weeks prior to the big day. This helps them acclimatize to being on the road which should help keep stress levels at a minimum come moving day.

Once you get to NYC, keep the pets in the relative comfort of your vehicle until the unloading is done.

A day or two later when the commotion has died down, resume the daily walks with your furry companion to give them an opportunity to explore their new surrounds while also getting an opportunity to master their way back home.

Most pets are usually very good with directions and after a relatively short period, they should be able to find their way back home unaided.


Move to NYC

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