6 Simple Hacks to Clean Your Beauty blender

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See the best friend of every complexion, the Beauty blender. The teardrop shape during a signature hot pink may be a must-have for makeup artists and cosmetic amateurs around the world and good reason. The sponge is soft and resilient, perfect for getting that perfect finish we all want, and the unique shape molds to your face so no stains are discovered. It works with everything from foundation and concealer to skincare products, always delivering a seamless look that leaves your skin looking naturally smooth. With so many uses and such great results, it’s safe to say that the Beauty blender revolution is still going strong after all these years – and we’re not sad about it.

But over time, dirt and oil, left by every application with the familiar sponge, come out. We are well aware of the horror stories spawned from an unkempt Beauty blender fungus, so we are careful to treat it with respect. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep it clean, ranging from the Beauty blender brand cleaners to some more unconventional tricks. We got in touch with Kelli J. Bartlett, director of makeup arts at Glam squad, for her top tips on cleaning our favorite tool.

1. Wash your sponge immediately

“Wash them immediately!” Bartlett says because this is often the primary and most vital thanks to keeping your Beauty blender in top condition.” The less time the product stays on the sponge, the better.

2. Use Beauty blender cleaning products

Your Beauty blender regains its vibrant glow. If the stains are stubborn, Bartlett recommends leaving the soap with the sponge for a couple of minutes to loosen it. or maybe more popular is the Blender cleanser Solid ($ 16), which makes it easy to rub a wet Beauty blender directly on the bar. Both are super effective and are often recommended together as the simplest makeup brush cleansers too.

Beauty Blender Liquid Blender Cleanser $ 18Shop

Beauty blender’s liquid cleansing option has a soy-based formula that is as good for your sponge as it is for the environment. It’s powerful enough to get rid of annoying stains but gentle enough to keep your Beauty blender going for months and months.

Beauty Blender Cleaner Solid $ 16Shop

Conveniently housed in a small compact, a solid blender cleaner is a clutter-free option when it comes to cleaning your sponge. The bar shape makes cleaning quick and easy, so there’s no reason your sponge should be unwashed.

3. Or a more budget-friendly option

However, the downside of the clean blender brand is the price. If you wash your Beauty blender every day (which should ideally be!) This may not be the most cost-effective choice. Fortunately, using your face wash can have a similar effect. This is super handy, especially if you use the same ones you already own and can be a much cheaper option if you just buy a generic brand at the drugstore.

There is a reason why the Beauty blender solid cleanser is so popular: it is simple and it works. Make this a more budget-friendly option by using Dove’s Beauty Bar ($ 6) because every soap favorite is a favorite because it’s cheap and effective. Rub a wet Beauty blender sponge on the bar and see spots disappear.

Bartlett likes to use Palmolive dish soap to clean her Beauty Blender. “It breaks down oil and grease, cleans and isn’t too rough for the sponge due to the conditioners it contains,” she says. We especially like this trick because it’s handy because it only requires a product that you probably already own.

4. Cut it in half

Get those scissors. It may seem painful to cut up your trusty Beauty blender, but we promise it’ll all be worthwhile if you see completely new untouched surfaces to work with. Of course, this could be used as a final resort as you continue to want to get rid of the merchandise from the surface of the sponge after each use.

5. Try a double cleaning

If you have ever tried double cleansing for your face, you are sure how effective an oil-based cleanser with a water-based cleanser can be.

Your Beauty blender in oil to relax leftover makeup and unwanted stains, then rinse and follow with a foaming cleanser to get rid of residue.

6. Pack it correctly

Storing the sponge properly can be a make-or-break factor in the life of your Beauty blender. Always let it dry completely after use in an open area, never in a plastic bag, as this will prevent mold. And Bartlett recommends disposing of colored bags when you pack it too. The colors can transfer the tool and leave stains.


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