9 Tips For Bed Styling To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

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How to decorate your bed and make it a center of attraction in your bedroom? How to get a well-dressed bed? What kind of pillows is suitable for the king-size bed? There may be various questions that come across your head while dressing up on your bed. For more detailed information about Vinyl Wrap Countertop visit our website.

You can use custom printed pillows for bed styling. To get a custom printed pillow, you need to hire custom pillows printing professionals. 

Well, dressing up your bed is based on your bed size and room decoration, but there are some basic rules that you need to follow. Here, in this post, we are going to describe some basic rules that help in bed styling:

1. Add Only Purposeful Items

You need to add various components to your bed for its styling. But, make sure every element should serve some purpose. You should place all important things on your bed such as decorative pillows, comforter, and coverlet. 

The decorative pillow not just enhances the aesthetics of your bed, but is also used for support purposes. You can use the decorative pillows as support while you are reading a book before bedtime.  

You should place the decorative pillow behind the nighttime pillow so that they don’t get dirty.  Also, get a coverlet for your bed that you can use to cover yourself while sleeping. The last one, i.e. comforter can be used during cold nights.

2. Biggest To Smallest, Back To Front

There are simple rules for dressing up your bed and you should follow them. The first rule is that you should select the highlighting fabric & colors of your pillows. the custom printed decorative pillows are the best option. 

The different designs and colors can pop up on your bed and they will look elegant. You just need to think of creative ideas for a decorative pillow, share your ideas with printing professionals such as custom pillows printing Vancouver and they will transform them into reality.  

You can print your favorite memories on your pillow. If you are dressing your kid’s bed, then print cartoons on a decorative pillow.

3. Use Different Sizes & Design

 You should place decorative pillows of different sizes and designs on your bed. You can place enormous pillows, but if you want to arrange them in a decorative way, then arrange different size pillows. It will spread refreshing vibes in your bedroom. 

Every time you see the pillow decoration, you will feel refreshed and happy. The different size decorative pillows with different colors will add variations to your bed. 

Even the small variation in the decorative patterns can make your bed well-dressed and the center of attraction. Make sure different patterns do not make your bed appear too busy. You can go for photo print on the pillow cover.

4. Wisely Play With Colors

To get a casual look, you should play with different types of colors and patterns. You should get one clean and simple bedding, and one patterned coverlet to bring an artistic appearance to your booth. You can choose a simple color for creating a simple but classy appearance for your bed.

5. Reduce Decorative Pillows For a Traditional Look

If you want to bring the contemporary appearance of your bed, then you should cut down decorative pillows. It will give a luxurious hotel feel at your home. Simple & classy is another definition of luxury. 

You just need to add simple white linen and a plain dark color throw pillow at the end.   If you want to add a decorative pillow, then get only one and place it in the center. This decorative pillow should be attractive just like custom pillowcases in Canada.

6. Add Bedspread For Tailored Appearance

If you want to have a tailored look at your bed, then you need to add a bedspread. You should get one simple but tailored bedspread to get a luxurious appearance. A plain bedspread with a subtle stripe can create the perfect ambiance and cozy atmosphere. For instance, the faux fur pillow can bring in a playful atmosphere and pop out in your bedroom.

7. Wisely place Different Shape Pillows

You should be creative and place your different shape pillows in a perfect way. You should rotate the back pillow to get a different visual appeal. You can add on little interesting details to your bed and this will be quite different from the normal decor.  You can add zebra print decorative pillows.

8. Tie Everything With Decorative Pillows

You can match the pattern of your pillows with the pattern of the wall behind the bed. If you do not want to have a matching pattern and color, then you can use a contrasting color. 

You can hire printing professionals to get any design on your pillows and match them with the best decor of the room. It is recommended to follow a cohesive decorating idea.

9. Use Limited Palette In Decorative Pillows

You should use a limited color palette when you want to place numerous decorative pillows. Limited pillows will never overwhelm your room. If you want to have a contemporary room setting, then variation in tone can help you to achieve a sophisticated appearance.

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custom pillows printing

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