A Dip into the Details about a Raglan Tee

Raglan Tees

T-shirt comes in different forms. Some of the most common t-shirts are crewneck, V-neck, and scoop neck. However, the types of t-shirts do not end here. There are also many other t-shirt types, such as polo, ringer, and raglan (baseball) tee. Out of these tees; the classical, the coolest, and the cleanest t-shirt is a raglan tee. The raglan tees or a baseball tee is a creative and nostalgic wardrobe staple. The question is: What is exactly meant by a raglan tee?

What Derived the Name, Raglan?

The name, ‘raglan’ has derived from the style of shirt rather than the fabric. Raglan tees feature sleeves that go all the way to the collar and neckline instead of ending at the shoulder. The sleeves of raglan tee normally have different color than the other parts of the shirt. Initially, a raglan tee was a white shirt with a ¾ length sleeve that was red or blue or black. Today, raglan t-shirts are also available in short and long-sleeve styles with more color options. Designers are making raglan t-shirts for both, adult and kids. Let us dip into the history of a baseball tee:

History of a Baseball (Raglan) Tee:

Raglan tee is named after “Lord Raglan” who was the 1st Baron Raglan. He wore a coat with this style of sleeve after the cost of his arm in the “Battle of Waterloo”. Raglan sleeve was invented by the coat producer, Aquascutum for Lord Raglan to give him room to use his sword in the battle. Today, raglan sleeve is worn under the team jersey in “Major League Baseball”. For this reason, raglan tee is also known as “a baseball tee”. As raglan tees do not have a shoulder seam, so they allow baseball players to move, bat, and lift with convenience. This tee allows baseball players to crack the ball out of the park.

How Is Raglan T-Shirt Different from the Other T-Shirts?

Raglan t-shirts are constructed in a unique and genius way.They have a sleeve type that is, distinct from other common sleeves, such as the drop or set-in sleeve. Stitching method and location of the seam differentiate raglan tees from the other type of t-shirts.

Why Should Anyone Choose a Raglan Tee?

Raglan t-shirts fit comfortably on the body, and they allow for free bodily movements. Moreover, their unique sleeves portray eye-catching fashion statement. It is a time-tested tee that is, around us for decades. Raglan tee holds great prints, and they are a crowd-pleaser. These are different reasons: Why should anyone choose a raglan tee?

An Example of a Raglan Tee:

One of the top-selling raglan tees in the U.S. (United States), and one great example of a raglan tee is Bella Canvas Unisex Jersey 3/4 Sleeve Baseball Tee. It is a classical baseball t-shirt that is suited for both genders. This raglan t-shirt is great for printing on, and this t-shirt comes in 29 color variations. It is a blank raglan t-shirt, but after customization; it may look very different. Last but not least, raglan t-shirts are always in demand, because of their unique structure.


Raglan Tee

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