Top advantages of PDF and easy to use PDF tools you need to try in 2022

PDF tools

The tools that can help you edit PDF documents are called PDF editors. PDF format has a portable nature, so it cannot be edited. PDF files are similar to images. They would have the same display on all their devices and operating systems. Different industries use different types of document formats. PDF is one of the more popular options. Across the globe, this format is used. It doesn’t matter if you have business documents, assignments, research papers or other documents, you can use PDF for storing as well as sharing of files. 

If you’re wondering why PDF format is so important, you need to read the benefits of PDF that we have discussed in this post. PDF format has many advantages over the commonly used ones and some of them have been discussed below. If you want to convert PDF to word or any other format, you should read the benefits. 

What are the benefits of using PDF format?

If you are wondering whether you should use PDF or not then you need to reed on these pros:

PDF is a universally compatible format

PDF can easily be used on all platforms. PDF can be used if you want to share important information with others. PDF has universal compatibility with every device. You don’t need anything else to open or read PDF files on your PC, mobile or other device. If you don’t have a default PDF reader, your file will open in the browser on your device. PDF is universally compatible across multiple platforms.

PDF is more secure for sharing & saving

PDF is one of the most secure formats that you can share with another person. PDF is not editable by nature, as we have told you before. PDF is the best way to share confidential information with your team or clients. PDF is considered to be secure because it is non-editable and you can lock it with a pass code. You can give access to people who you want to open the file by adding strong encryptions to the PDF file.

PDF keeps the original format & structure alive

PDF protects the originality of the document, one of the biggest pros of using it. We have told you before that there are tons of document creation formats that are used for creating, storing and sharing files. When these file formats are opened up on different devices, they can’t keep up with their originality. There are other file formats in different versions. This isn’t a problem you would face with PDF. This is because the same version of PDFs is used. It doesn’t matter how old the PDF file is, it would open in the same format and structure it was created in. If you want to make sure that the structure and contents of your document are not compromised, then you need to use PDF instead of word or other fancy options. 

PDF is light in size and can be compressed

PDF is lighter in size as compared to other file formats. You need to save your files in PDF if you have a big issue with storage. PDF’s are at least 35% smaller than word and other formats. PDF files can be compressed and this isn’t the only advantage of PDF. If your PDF file is too large, you can reduce the size. You can find online PDF compressor tools that can help you reduce the size of your file without damaging it. You just need to pick the most reliable one which does not compromise the quality of your files in the shrinking process.

PDF format is mobile friendlier 

PDF is easy to use on mobile devices. PDF is the best option if you want to open or share files on small screen devices. PDF files can be opened and displayed on mobiles and other small screen devices. The pdf files would work on images just like an image. You don’t have to stress about any problem with the quality or format of the pdf file. Word or other editable formats would not work well on mobiles which is why it is best to use pdf. It has the same display no matter on what device you are using it on.

PDF format can provide easy search ability

PDF files can be opened with a browser, as we have told you before. They can act like a website. You can easily search through the PDF files on your browser. You don’t need to download the device to open it online. This is an important part of PDFs. Here you must also know that many webmasters prefer adding content on their sites in PDF format. This content would usually be the one which the admin doesn’t want to be edited to copy. Examples of pdf content on websites include infographics, reports etc.

What are the easy to use and popular PDF tools?

There are dozens of PDF management tools that you can try in 2022. These tools can solve multiple problems that you might face while using a PDF document.

PDF converter tools

The most popular PDF management tool is the free PDF converter online utility. PDF files cannot be edited and so if you want to amend your PDF document then you need to make sure that you use the online PDF to word converters. These converters can easily help you get the word version for your PDF document. You can easily make changes in the MS Word document and save the file back again in PDF. There are different kinds of PDF changer tools that you can find online these days. These converter tools are free and very easy to use.

PDF compressor tools

The online PDF compressor is one of the most common tools used. PDF compressor tools are very useful and easy to use. The large size of a PDF file can create a lot of hassle. It is important that you shrink the size of your file with PDF shrinking tools. All you have to do is put the large file in the input box of the tool and hit the Reduce file size button. It would take less than a second for the PDF file to be compressed.

PDF merger tools

The PDF merger is an important tool that you can use. If you have multiple PDF files that are related to the same topic, then merging them in a single folder is the best way to manage them. It’s not possible to manually merging PDF files without creating a new draft. The PDF merger tools can help you combine multiple PDF pages in one folder. PDF tools are free to use so you don’t have to worry about the cost of merging. Combining multiple pdf files can help you alot in organizing your documents in an error free way.

Delete PDF tools

The delete PDF utility is an easy to use tool. If there are extra pages in your PDF document that are increasing the size of the file, then you can easily remove them with the help of the page deletion tool. You just have to mention the pages in the tool. The pages would be removed in a matter of seconds. You can find free delete pdf tools on the web for your help.

Lock & unlock PDF tools

PDF files can be hard to lock. You can easily add strong pass codes to the PDF files by using lock PDF tools. The unlock PDF tools can also be used. These are the tools that can open a protected PDF file. If you forget your PDF password, you can use the online tool to get it back, instead of creating the file from scratch. 

PDF Editor

If you don’t want to convert your pdf file to another format then you can also use the online pdf editor tools. These tools are quite reliable when it comes to making minor as well as major replacements in a pdf file. You can find dozens of pdf editing tools on the web that can help you add, remove or replace content in a file. If you regularly work with pdf files then it is best to keep an editor option with you at all times as there is always a room for errors. With a pdf error you can ensure accuracy in your files.

Final words

PDF files are used all over the world. Some features of this format make it better than others. Some of the cons of this format can be very annoying for a user. If you use the online PDF management tools you can easily find all the common problems related to PDF. Some of the tools that can help you solve the common problems with PDF have been mentioned in this post. You can find free tools on many websites. You can use the PDF tools if you have a strong web connection.


PDF tools

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