All About Mobile Phone Skins – A Buyer Guide

Mobile Phone Skins

You have invested so much time in researching which phone to buy in the budget you decided. Many people do not change their phone every year. They tend to keep their mobile phone skins for an average of three to four years. 

Nowadays, gen-y is more interested in changing the looks of their phone. The best way to change the looks of your smartphone or iphone are Mobile Skins or wraps. A good mobile skin will make your phone more stylish, cool and eye-catching. 

There are a variety of brands available in the market from where you can buy. Some may be local sellers with physical shops in your town and others are e-commerce platforms. 

Lets jump in 

What are mobile phone skins ?

A mobile skin is a thin adhesive layer made from high quality vinyl material. They almost cover your phone without increasing the weight or size of it. They are scratch resistant and provide a new look to your mobile device.  Good mobile skins have thickness around 0.22mm which makes them a perfect fit for your phone. If your mobile device has scratches on the back then a good mobile skin covers all those things. These mobile wraps are precisely manufactured by digital cutting machines, thus making them perfect fit for your gadgets. A phone skill is helpful in adding grip to your mobile device. 

What type of mobile skins are available in the Market ? 

There are more than 500+ types of mobile skins available in the market. There are mobile skins available for every brand like apple, vivo, samsung, one plus, oppo etc. If you are a big Avengers fan then there are Captain America skins, Avengers skins, Iron  Man skins. For professional people there are matte, glossy, carbon, wooden, leather, honeycomb skins. 

Some of the skin manufacturers also provide customised mobile skins. 

My personal choice is military mobile skins and it looks so cool.

Are skins good for phones?

There are a lot of benefits that a mobile skin will offer as compared to mobile cases.They will not add extra weight to your phone. With mobile covers it is difficult to put a phone in your pocket but with skins you won’t need that extra space. Mobile skins protect our phone from scratches. When you take off your cover it causes scratches on the back side of your phone. Skins can be removed comfortably and they do not leave any residue after removal. Mobile skins provide protection as well. So why choose a bulky mobile cover instead of a lightweight skin. 

Generally skins are two types:- 

  1. Flat Black Skins
  2. Full Back Skins

Flat black skins exclude the sides of the phone and cover the back part only and whereas full back skins cover sides and back panel as well. 

Are phone skins Durable ?

Yes, good quality phone skins are long lasting and extremely durable. These are made from good quality vinyl which is used to design automobile interiors. They are resistant to scratches, harsh environments and a protective layer for your phone. Since vinyl is malleable and durable material, these are perfect fit to cover your device. Also mobile skins are even water proof and fade proof.

How to wrap mobile skin on your phone ?

To apply mobile wrap on your phone, it has to be cleaned from dirt. Clean the surface with wet clothes and peel the wrap. Now apply it to the back side of your phone and carefully push the air bubbles out. Use a credit card or debit card to apply more pressure. Cover all the corners and folds with the wrap and use a hair dryer to warm the corners. 

Following these easy steps you will be able to change the look of your phone in minutes. 

Do mobile skins support wireless charging ?

If you are using a wireless charger for your phone then you are probably wondering whether to invest in mobile skin or not. The answer to this question is yes.

The skins do not affect your wireless charging feature of the phone. This gives mobile skins further advantage than mobile covers. 

Can mobile skins be customised ?

Yes mobile skins can be customised as per requirement of the customers. Many well reputed websites will provide your customised mobile skins in India. They are the best option if you want to give a birthday or anniversary gift to your friends and family.You can also purchase PUBG mobile skins or any other superhero customised skin for your  gadgets.  

What is the cost of mobile skins ? 

The cost of mobile skins vary from 250-500 INR only. They are cheaper and more reliable than a mobile cover. Mighty owl mobile skins will cost you 250 rupees whereas expensive skins like gold chrome will cost around 500. You can get discounts on them from various coupon affiliate websites which will save 10% on your skins purchase. 

Should I buy skins online or from a local store?

You should buy skins online because there is a lot of variety available. Many ecommerce websites have more than 500 types of mobile skins. These are often cheaper than your local store and are more durable. On these websites you can also buy skins for other gadgets like laptops, airpods, phone holders etc. Buying online will save your time as well. 

Which is the best website to buy mobile skins ?

The best website to buy phone skins is wrapcart. This is my personal recommendation because the quality of skin is remarkable and they have good customer support. Even they provide a step by step guide to wrap the skin on your phone. They have more than 400 skins available on their website. While comparing the price of mobile skins with other ecommerce stores they have competitive prices. You can buy mobile skins from other websites also. 

At last mobile skins are the future and sooner they will be replacing mobile covers.

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Mobile Phone Skins

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