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Sometimes people need to put extra effort to make their dream come true. Therefore, a 70-hour tight work schedule is not very uncommon. However, for some people, it becomes a new routine and they have no way but to work extra-long hours every day. Believe me, it is possible to stay active and work 15 hours a day in and day out. 

It says without going that working so long takes a toll on your physical and mental health if you don’t take the right measures to maintain a balance in your life. 

Health problems apart, working for 15 hours at a stretch daily is a threat to your creativity and productivity. Job burnout is one of the commonest issues arising from overwork. At a time when it is the need of the hour to put your best effort and maximum energy into work, burnout makes it nearly impossible to take care of your must-do list. 

Unfortunately, in such a situation, you are left with no alternative choice. Either you have to work long hours or call it a day. As you have decided to take the challenge, therefore, all you have to do is to change your approach towards your job. Followings are some simple but effective tips to help you stay active, creative and productive while working 15 hours every day. 

Take Breaks 

Taking periodic breaks is very important to feel relaxed and refreshed. And it does not take your focus off your work. It may sound a paradox but taking breaks really helps to complete a project much quicker. 

If you are working for hours, you are likely to lose your focus. I often imagine the plight of those sitting before the computer screen for hours. After a couple of hours, they are less likely to stay focused on their work and need to remind themselves what they were asked to deliver. As a result, you come in shocking surprise to discover that the rate of error is going up.  

You may or may not be a computer professional but the scenario remains unchanged. ‘Work without breaks’ only slows down your progress. Even short breaks recharge your brain. What to do during breaks? Anything you wish! 

You may chat with a friend, listen to music, have a snack or walk around just for 15 minutes. After you get back to work, you will surely notice the change in you – a relaxed and recharged person hungry for more works. 

Exercise Regularly

When you are occupied with work for 15 hours or more, it’s less likely to start a new fitness regime. But if you exercise regularly, make sure to keep it up. You may not have time to do 30-minute heavy exercises but if you wish, you can fill your free time with the usual workout. 

You already realize overwork leaves you stressed-out. Every one of us lives with some stress. But once stress gets out of control, it eats us from within. Excessive stress is really annoying, whether you are experiencing it at your home or workplace. If not treated, stress may cause anxiety and depression and adversely affect your overall wellbeing. 

Regular exercise helps you stay healthy, energetic and stress-free. In other words, the workout is a stress buster. Make a routine to accommodate regular workout into it. It is not that you have to do a heavy workout to stay fit. If you are struggling to manage time for some workouts, make sure to fill your short breaks with brisk work or light exercises. 

Manage Time for Fun 

Now please don’t tell me that you are too busy to manage time for fun! I know you follow a tight work schedule. But still, you manage time to take bath, have your lunch, enjoy sound sleep and do other necessary works. That means if you work hard and try harder, you can accommodate pleasurable items into your both weekend and weekday routine. 

The routine break is not that bad at all. We all do it at least once in our school and college days. And remembering those routine-breaking moments and aftereffects still brings out a chuckle from us. Let us repeat and celebrate the sweet routine breaks to enjoy good riddance from a humdrum life. 

Go to a move, music concert, restaurant or on a weekend tour. You will feel the changes after coming back. Even enjoying some fun time with your friends and family will help you feel more active both before and after working 15 hours. 

A life full of fun makes you physically healthy and mentally happy. Otherwise, you will start hating your work and it will adversely impact your performance. 

Drink Plenty of Water 

Staying well-hydrated is important for both your body and mind. It also keeps your brain functioning. If you don’t take water for a long time, you may find it difficult to concentrate. That clearly means you need an immediate water break. It not only helps your brain and body function properly but also brings a fresh lease of air into your monotonous work culture.

As water tastes plain and boring, we often avoid drinking water until and unless we feel thirsty. In that case, add lemon, apple or orange juice to your drink for a tasty twist without adding a lot of calories. Store it in a bottle and sip it every now and then throughout the day. Do whatever keeps your body properly hydrated.

Cut back Your Caffeine Intake

Workers tend to drink soda and coffee for extra energy to pull long shifts. While caffeine boosts up your energy, it’s not a long-time solution. Remember that caffeine is a drug and having too much of it may cause negative effects. If you are experiencing gastrointestinal problems or feeling nervous, limit your caffeine intake.

You don’t have to give it up, especially when you feel more stressed. Just make sure you are taking caffeine not often. Working 15 hours a day is not a matter of joke. And your world will crash and collapse after you come down from ‘being high on caffeine’. Without coffee, you will also experience sleepless nights and that won’t be good for your health and wealth. 

Don’t Work on Weekend

When you are sagging under work pressure, taking a break is not an idea you feel very comfortable with. But it is impossible to continue with the type of hectic schedule without your health and work suffering greatly. You should take time off.

It may not be possible to take two days off back to back. But it’s very much possible to have some good rest for at least, one full day. A work-free weekend will refresh your body and mind. It makes sense to work a little extra on the weekdays and take a ‘work break’ on the weekend. 

Spend time with friends, family members, and pets. Make the most of your ‘work-free’ day. You will feel happier and healthier. It will reflect through the quality of your work after you resume your routine. 

Avoid Junk Food

When you are stuck in the middle of a 15-hour work schedule, junk food makes it to the list of your staple foods. It’s easy and fast. Furthermore, stress that builds on due to a non-stop work schedule makes you crave salty and sweet dishes.

Junk food offers instant gratification and makes you feel ‘full’. But these foods are high on empty calories. You need nutrition-rich food to keep your body properly nourished. 

I admit you won’t have much time to cook a full meal during your lunch break but it is always possible to prepare several meals if only you have a plan in place. Salad is both healthy and tasty. If you prepare one bowl of salad, it will last for a few days. Add rotisserie chicken or canned tuna, a hardboiled egg to your daily menu chart. Store-bought fruit salads and whole fruits are really delicious snacks and make a great choice between meals.

If you have already stored healthy, ready-made food in your refrigerator, you are less likely to feel tempted to run to restaurants or place an online order for fast food during your lunch break.

Have Enough Sleep 

Your body is just like a machine. It needs rest and food to keep going. According to experts, every adult needs an average of 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. The workaholic may find it impossible to achieve; still, you should strive for it. Without a good amount of sleep, you will feel tired and lose concentration. 

You might not experience any problem with a few hours of sleep once in a blue moon. But if it becomes a routine, your health and performance will suffer a lot.

Maintain a routine for when you will go to bed at night and wake up in the morning. Follow it to a T even on weekends or holidays. If you feel tired, take a short nap for refreshment but never allow yourself to stay asleep for more than 30 minutes; otherwise, the purpose of preparing your sleep schedule will get completely lost. 

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