Behavioral Warning Letter – Format, Example, Definition, and Tips

Behavioral Warning Letter

A behavioral warning letter is a document that is issued to an employee when their behavior at work is unacceptable and requires improvement. This type of letter is typically issued due to a specific incident or a pattern of behavior that is causing disruption in the workplace or affecting other employees.

The purpose of a behavioral warning letter is to notify the employee of the problem, provide clear expectations for improvement, and outline the consequences if the behavior does not improve.

Format of Behavioral Warning Letter

  1. Introduction: Begin the letter by introducing yourself and the purpose of the letter. Clearly state that the letter is a behavioral warning letter.
  2. Description of the Behavior: Describe the specific behavior observed, including the time and date of the incident(s) and how it affects the workplace and/or other employees.
  3. Expectations for Improvement: Clearly state what behaviors are expected of the employee going forward, and provide specific examples of how the employee can improve their behavior.
  4. Consequences: Clearly outline the consequences if the behavior does not improve, including potential disciplinary action up to and including termination.
  5. Closing: Close the letter by thanking the employee for their attention and reiterating the importance of adhering to the expected behaviors.

Sample of Behavioral Warning Letter

Template 1:

[Your Name]
[Your Title]
[Your Company]


[Employee Name]
[Employee Address]
[Employee City, State ZIP]

Dear [Employee Name],

I am writing to bring to your attention an issue of concern with your recent behavior in the workplace. You have been observed as consistently disruptive during team meetings, interrupting your colleagues and exhibiting a lack of respect for their contributions.

This type of behavior is unacceptable in the workplace and negatively impacts the team’s productivity and morale. As such, we need to address this behavior immediately.

To improve your behavior, we expect you to refrain from interrupting your colleagues during meetings and to show respect for their contributions. Additionally, we expect you to make a conscious effort to actively participate in meetings positively and productively.

Please be advised that failure to improve your behavior may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to your cooperation in improving your behavior.


[Your Name]

Template 2:

Dear [Employee Name],

It has been brought to our attention that your behavior at work has not been meeting the expectations set forth by the company. Specifically, your behavior towards your colleagues has been deemed inappropriate and unprofessional.

As such, this letter serves as a warning that this behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in the workplace. We expect all employees to treat each other with respect and professionalism.

Please be advised that if there are any further instances of inappropriate behavior, further disciplinary action may be taken, up to and including termination of employment.

We hope you take this warning seriously and work to improve your behavior in the workplace.


[Your Name]
[Your Title]

The Bottom Line

A behavioral warning letter is an important tool for employers to communicate with employees about their behavioral issues and the consequences of continued non-compliance. The letter should clearly state the issue, the expectations, and the consequences of failing to comply.

It should also offer support and guidance to the employee to help them improve their behavior. By following this article’s format, examples, and tips, employers can effectively communicate with their employees and maintain a positive and productive work environment.


How do you write a behavior warning?

To write a behavior warning:
1) Describe the unacceptable behavior and its impact on the workplace.
Be specific and use objective language. 2) Provide clear expectations for the employee’s future behavior and consequences for not meeting those expectations. 3) Keep the tone professional and avoid using emotional language.

What is a warning letter due to behavior?

A warning letter due to behavior is a formal document issued by an employer to an employee to notify them of their unacceptable behavior in the workplace. The letter outlines the behavior that is not in compliance with company policy or expectations and provides a clear expectation for future behavior and consequences if the behavior continues.

How do you write a warning letter to an employee for misbehavior?

To write a warning letter to an employee for misbehavior, begin by outlining the behavior that is unacceptable. Provide evidence of the behavior and its impact on the workplace. State expectations for future behavior and consequences if the behavior continues.

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