Benefits & Facts Relevance to Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

What is stem cell therapy? This therapy form is useful as it regenerates, repairs, & enhances human health through the cells & tissues. It works since the cells are a powerful factory exerting therapeutic effects. This is also through the range of strategies employed. These may include honing to the injury sites, exerting the paracrine effects, & differentiating into the new tissues and cell types. This is a known versatility of the stem cell therapy that makes it powerful. It also gives it the potentiality of reversing untreatable diseases.

It is more likely that stem cell therapy will be combined with pharmaceuticals. And both will benefit human health in the future.

Below are the benefits & facts that are known to stem cell therapy.

Stem Cells Cure Diseases Through Repair & Reversal

What’s exciting about stem cell therapy is that it potentially reverses & repairs diseases. These diseases are known to have been traditionally managed. For instance, current drugs can decrease the decline in the functionality of multiple sclerosis.

The MS patients who received multiple spinal injections of stem cells were able to reverse their established disability. This was when a phase II clinical trial was planned to be pursued. This is also to explore more of the potentialities of stem cells.

Stem Cells Are Effective & Natural

The stem cells are truly known serving as a powerful factory. They are found in the human system. The thing is that some of the cell types come with intrinsic mechanisms. And these sorts of mechanisms can help promote the repair process. We humans only need to remember that we are not made up of drugs. But, we are in the entirety made up of cells.

Stem Cells Lower Costs by Eliminating Drug Use

Many diseases & health conditions demand taking a prescription daily. This is when a stem cell therapy approach reduces the healthcare costs associated with these diseases. This is also since a one-time or limited-time treatment is provided. Stem cell therapy is a good approach to pain management. It can thereby reduce the costs of taking opioid pain medications. So far, many cell therapy treatments have been noticed making miracles.

Stem Cell Therapy Treats Conditions W/ Unknown Cure

The impressive thing about stem cell therapy is that it potentially treats diseases with an unknown cure. Vision loss is one incurable condition that can be treated by this therapy form.

Clinical trials are underway transplanting cells into human patients suffering from macular degeneration. While there is a suspension in the trials due to safety issues, it is still being resumed using a specific cell type.

Replace Invasive Surgeries

Stem cell therapy is potentially known for replacing costly, risky, & invasive surgeries. This cell-based approach can repair most ACL tears that should otherwise be treated with surgery. So far, ACL surgeries are performed on 100,000 patients. But, cell therapy is a better alternative form. This procedure also helps prevent surgeries like hip surgeries, tear surgeries, shoulder rotator cuff, and more.

Complement With Pharmaceuticals

Stem cell therapy is potentially and synergistically working with pharmaceutical drugs. Evidence proved that administering it improves cardiac function. It also can synergistically be used with traditional medications. This is true for patients who are taking diltiazem, amlodipine, felodipine, & more.

Augment Traditional Surgery

The majority of surgical procedures bring about enormous inflammation or swelling. That’s when the future of surgery is after combining the anti-inflammatory element of cell therapy and the surgeon’s skills. The allogeneic or autologous stem cell therapy will be administered to patients’ post-surgery. The thing about stem cell therapy is that it is safe. It can easily source bone marrow & adipose tissue. It also is documented to have strong anti-fibrotic & anti-inflammatory properties.

Keep these benefits & facts relevant to stem cell therapy in Thailand!


Stem Cell Therapy

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