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There are so many occasions in life, but the best flowers to give on each occasion can be hard to remember. Flowers are one of the most popular gifts given and received, so it’s important to know which ones you should be giving. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or congratulations gift, you may choose fresh flowers from https://flowercompany.ca/ for every occasion!

In this post, we have listed the best flowers to give depending on the occasion. Apart from the flower, the colour of the flowers also should match the occasion. For example, you cannot give red flowers to someone as a condolence to someone whose family member has passed away, and you should not provide white colour flowers to someone who just turned 18 years old. So read through our recommendations below to know which flowers match the right occasion.

Flowers for Birthday: 

Flowers don’t have to be boring. There’s a whole world of fun and colourful flowers out there! You can send your favourite person some gorgeous blooms that will brighten up their day and put them in an excellent mood for weeks to come. Roses are a popular choice for celebrating birthdays. Yellow and orange flowers, like daffodils or daisies, can be given on a birthday as well.

Valentine’s Day Flowers: 

Valentine’s Day is a particular time of year for those in love. It’s the perfect day to express your affection and feelings with flowers. For Valentine’s Day, we recommend giving roses as they have been a popular flower associated with this holiday for centuries. In addition, the traditional colour of love is red, so roses would make the perfect gift to celebrate this day with your significant other!

Mother’s Day: 

Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days to send flowers, especially if you’re looking for something a little more sentimental than a bouquet of tulips. This day is meant to honour mothers around the world and show how much we appreciate them. Flowers for mother’s day should be a symbol of your gratitude and appreciation. Try White Tulips with green leaves.

Father’s Day: 

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate fathers and all they do. Flowers are the traditional gift for Father’s Day. The best flowers to give on father’s day include tulips, daisies, roses, lilies, orchids, and carnations.

Flowers for Anniversary: 

A perfect anniversary gift is a thoughtful token of love and appreciation. Flowers are the traditional symbol of adoration, so it’s no wonder that they make up one of the most popular gifts for anniversaries.

If you are celebrating the first anniversary, give them Red Roses with greenery. For an eighth or other year’s anniversaries, try carnations in place of roses.

Flowers for Funeral:

Flowers are a popular way of sending condolences to the loved ones of those who have passed away. The most common flowers that people send are caskets, wreaths, and crosses – all of which symbolize death in some sense. However, funeral flowers can also be given as an expression of sympathy or support for the grieving family and friends.

What kind of flower sends a message? There is no one answer that fits every occasion; however, it’s essential to consider what colour you’re giving when selecting your flower of choice because different colours carry different meanings. Always choose white over here. The traditional flower for funerals is a white carnation.

Flowers to be given at a Wedding: 

If you’re struggling to find the best flowers for the occasion of a wedding, here’s some help for you.

There are so many colours and types of flowers that it can be challenging to know which one is best. So here’s my handy guide to choosing the right colour and style of flower:

1) If your wedding is in winter or spring, white tulips are a great choice because they look beautiful next to other plants like roses or lavender.

2) If your wedding is in the summertime, make sure you include something bright like red geraniums or purple hydrangeas – they’ll pop against all those green leaves! 

3) For fall and winter weddings, use something bright and colourful like plum or pink roses.

Christmas & Winter Holiday Season Flowers: 

Christmas is a time for sending flowers to friends, family, and loved ones. One of the most popular times to send flowers is Christmas Day. You can buy flowers to give as a gift when you go to someone’s house for the holidays. Some people like Poinsettias, which come in colours like red, white, yellow, and green. Amaryllis (love and determination) is another popular flower for the Christmas holidays. Other flowers that are good for this time of year are Christmas cactus, paperwhites, and red roses.

Flowers to say Congratulations: 

There are times when you need to congratulate someone, and the best way to do so is by sending them flowers. When you want to send a congratulatory gift, the flowers must match the occasion. For example, sending yellow roses is too generic when someone just won an award or got married. Here are our recommendations.

  • A bouquet of fresh-cut tulips for someone who has been promoted at work and deserves congratulations
  • Chrysanthemums for those who have lost loved ones or friends
  • And daisies for people who achieved something and need further motivation and cheer.


Flowers are a great way to say thank you, I’m sorry, or just a gesture. They’re also an easy and affordable way to make any occasion special.

Flowers are a great way to show your love and appreciation. They’re also a beautiful way to brighten up any occasion. So whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or wedding day, you can now choose the best flowers for every occasion through our recommendations mentioned in this post.


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