One, Two or Few Which is The Best for Ocean Road Tour?

Ocean road trip

One day tour at Ocean Road:

The tour starts at 6.15 am and ends at 6 pm. The first travels straight to the London Bridge by giving a stoppage at Colac for Drink and Toilet. In the one day tour, people can visit London Bridge, The Arch, Port Campbell, LochArd Gorge, 12 Apostles, Otway forest and Lavers Hill. The helicopter tour is included in the adventure list of one day of Ocean Road Tour. After lunch people may get a rainforest walk, some shops for buying anything, wild animal visits at the forest, beach visits and famous Bells Beach’s Kangaroos. Some other sight scenes around the road can be seen during the bus journey.

  • The cost is $135 for the one day tour. The lunch is not in the cost.

If one wants to get the summary of the Ocean Road, then the one day tour is good. This tour is for utilizing short holidays or a sudden tour for enjoying the summer into the outdoor atmosphere. People, who like to see many wonders of the world, can go for such one day tour.

Two days at Ocean Road:

Two days is called the tight and appropriate package for the Ocean Road Tour. The journey begins from 6.30 am and ends on the 6 pm of the next day. The tour includes several stoppages at the beautiful places around the ocean road. Tourists can get delicious foods, drinks and photo sessions. Torquay’s morning tea can be felt in this two-day tour. This is the starting point of enjoyment and the very next step is looking for the Kangaroos at the Bells Beach. Visiting the most famous Ocean Road’s Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Fair-heaven Beach, Memorial Arch, Erskine and Sheaok falls, Koalas at the Kennett River, Apollo Bay, Castle Cove, Otway Forest, Lavers Hills, Gibson Steps, Island archway, Port Campbell, Arch, Grotto, London Bridge, Peter-borough, Bay of Martyrs and Bay of Island. Helicopter riding, surfing and swimming at the Apollo bay, spending the night at the fishing village, relaxing in the luxurious accommodation, having delicious foods of the ocean road surrounds can enrich the mood of the tourists more.

  • The package caters visits of the previously mentioned places, morning tea, water and fruits for $266.

This tour is great because tourists can see all the places of ocean road, enjoy different exciting things to do in the area like feeding wild parrots, surfing, swimming and etc, and having a great night session beside the sea as well.

Few days at the Ocean Road:

If you want to throw all the hurries of visiting places and getting the entertaining elements of the area, then you can spend three or four days at the area. Very few people prefer this idea. Especially, people who want to enjoy the entire surfing competition and people who want to relax beside the sea for several days, go for the long tours. The Ocean Road Tour package’s cost and other details depend on the tour’s days and other services. Tourists can take information from the official website of the AROUND and ABOUT travel & planning authority.


Ocean Road Tour

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