How Can You Find the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?

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Thousands of people, all over the world, face hair loss regularly. This results in hair thinning and subsequent balding, which makes people start panicking about their situation. When the initial shock wears off, the patients start thinking about a possible permanent solution to the problem. While most of them first opt for off-the-counter drugs, these not only give temporary solutions but also side-effects. One of the best solutions to the problem, thus, is going for hair transplant surgery. However, there is one persistent question in everyone’s minds: How to find the best hair transplant surgeon? This blog would highlight the answers to the question.

Stage of Hair Loss: Your Research

The first step to finding the answer to this question is figuring out what is the pattern of your hair loss. This takes us to the Norwood Pattern, which is a leading classification system you need to know. 

Typically, men lose their hair in at least one of the common patterns, and the Norwood scale is just an easy-reference used to indicate the exact stage every candidate is in. It gives every surgeon a reference point which they can use to identify the extent of baldness, the effectiveness of treatment, and the methods they can use to treat your condition. 

The Norwood stage is divided into seven stages, as follows:

Stage 1: There is no recession of the hairline or significant hair loss.

Stage 2: There is a slight recession near the temples, also known as the mature hairline. 

Stage 3: Signs of clinically significant balding which results in a V, U, or M shaped recession at the temples.

Stage 3 Vertex: The hairline remains at stage 2, but the vertex (top of the scalp) suffers a lot of hair loss. 

Stage 4: A severe stage where there is no or sparse hair on the vertex. Both the hairline and the vertex are separated with hair that looks like a band that connects the remaining of the scalp.

Stage 5: The two balding areas near the temples are larger, and the band is narrower.

Stage 6: The temple balding areas end up joining with the vertex, and there is no connecting band of hair.

Stage 7: Only a sparse line of hair on the sides of the head is there, leaving the entire scalp bald.

Along with these, candidates might also suffer from the Norwood Class-A variation. In this stage, the recession of the hairline is uniform, and there is no balding area in the vertex. 

Benefits you get from consulting the best hair transplant surgeon

Once you understand the stage of hair loss you are in, it is time to choose the best hair transplant doctor who would perform the surgery. Consulting the best surgeon can open you to a slew of benefits such as:

  1. Ideal Results: A trained and experienced surgeon would have an idea of what you want and be able to deliver it in the first go. This means that you would not have to go for the second round of surgery or repair a transplant in the future.
  1. Transparent Procedure: When you consult with doctors who have been practicing in the industry for long, you would get complete transparency in the procedure. The computerized Trichoscopy analysis would give a rough idea about the number of donor grafts present in your scalp and how many can be taken out, concerning the area to be covered to achieve your required density.
  1. Competitive Rates: The final cost of hair transplant surgery depends on a lot of things, and the number of grafts to be inserted is the first on the list. Since the procedure is transparent, the best transplant doctor would have a counting machine that would display an accurate number of grafts that were implanted. Multiplying a certain price point with the number of grafts and adding taxes to it would give you the final amount.
  1. Treatment Instructions: Every doctor knows that the first thing that a patient requires, especially when they are going for such an aesthetic procedure, is confidence. During the consultation, the surgeon would give an overview of the process, along with pre and post-surgery instructions you need to follow to gain the optimum results.

How to find the best transplant surgeon in your area? 

The success of a hair transplant surgery depends on the procedure chosen for the treatment and the experience of the doctor performing it. To choose the best doctor, you have to keep in mind a few things, such as: 

  1. Training and Experience: First off, you have to check the experience and the qualifications of the doctor you are planning to consult. Since hair transplant is an aesthetic procedure, you cannot afford to have a botched up surgery in the hopes of having some other doctors repair it for you. Always choose a doctor who is well-versed with the latest upgrades in the field.
  1. Reputation: You can never go wrong with consulting doctors who are active members of professional organizations that focus solely on hair transplantation. The best solution to hair loss and giving the ideal care to even tricky cases are always there with the members who are directly in touch with international boards working with the cause.

Choosing the correct doctor is your first step to successful hair transplant surgery and keeping all these in mind can help you with finding the best hair transplant doctor in India


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