12 Best Technology Blogs to Read this Year

Here are 12 best technology and trending blogs to read in 2020 with their original formats, many of them are so successful that they have millions of readership:


Founded in 2005 by Pete Cashmore, Mashable is one of the most successful technology blogs in the world thanks to its dissemination on social networks, where it has for example more than 10 million followers on Twitter.

A madness for this portal specialized especially in news that occurs in and around social networks, including celebrities, and digital companies, although it has been expanding its points of interest to other more specific technological fields as well.

The verge

Almost two and a half million followers on Twitter have The Verge, a portal specialized in technological news whose motto is already a declaration of intent: 

It started in 2011, has been awarded several times, is based in New York and even uses its own video platform.


It has fewer followers on Twitter, a little less than half a million, but instead it is a much more specialized blog than the first two, which have a more popular approach.

ZDNet focuses more on technology as a business, so it is focused above all on a more professional profile and with interests in deepening technology.


Just by looking at your Twitter timeline, you get an idea of ​​the profile of the blog, which in this case is also more popular, since it is focused on the dissemination of technological news.

They are specialized, but almost always stand out those that affect large companies such as Netflix or Apple, so they are news that interest a very broad target, hence their almost two and a half million followers.


TedCrunch maintains a hard struggle with Mashable and Wired to dominate the tweet world in terms of followers. At present, it also exceeds the beautiful barrier of 10 million followers with a little distance over Mashable but behind Wired.

Another blog specializing in news but with the interesting approach of analysis and opinion as a fundamental point of its content.


It is the publication with more followers on Twitter than those included in this ranking, since it is almost 10 million and a half followers. Only for this information it is impossible not to include Wired in this selection.

In addition, his vision of technology is very interesting because he tries to apply how it affects traditional fields such as culture or economy. His videos are very didactic and quality.


Lifehacker deserves a place among the 12 chosen because its approach is different from the rest. It is focused on practice, as it provides advice for users to apply them in their day to day improving performance.

His success can be seen in the almost 5 million followers on Twitter he has.


Blog specializing in emerging technologies, especially robotics, augmented reality, etc. With very good content.

His gaze is always on the future from his headquarters in Brooklyn, so it is good to never lose sight of him on this path at the speed of light that technology has taken.


Founded in 2002, it deals mainly with issues related to consumer electronics.

It has almost three million faithful followers on Twitter and its impact was such that its creator Peter Rojas was recruited to also found another successful blog already cited, Engadget. For some it is the TMZ of technology.


It is a more specialized blog than most of the aforementioned, hence it probably exceeds 300,000 followers on Twitter , but it is a source of fundamental technological information, of high quality, because it gives voice to emerging technologies, giving high priority for example to robotics and everything related to the startup world.


Recode has a very professional profile, in which the rigor of its contents and the quality of its editors prevail.

In fact, it is one of the technological publications with the best reputation. It is focused mainly on technology but without losing sight of the business world at any time.

Prahub Blog

Finally we add this blog because it is making space with other good and popular blogs. It has multiple niches allow guest posts submission by good writers, also have huge readership.

It stands out above for its touch of humor and carefree with which it brings technology especially to the younger generations.



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