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There are tons of content marketing tools. All of that, you have to choose the best tools for content marketing. But one thing to keep in your mind is that there are no content marketing tools that will take the place of a good content marketing strategy for working on progress. 

Any strategy for content marketing has the aim to attract new customers and repeat the previous audiences. In this case, you have to work on developing and curating relevant quality content. The main intention of content marketing is to encourage customers to go through the context and also encourage the decision to buy.

It is the best part of continuing the process of the overall marketing & advertising method, and these tools will also prevent building backlinks. 

Best Tools To Use For Content Marketing

Below mentioned tools are the best content marketing elements for use.


Mention is a type of tool that works as media monitoring and social listening. It provides the right data at the right time to content managers. It has the feature where you will get relevant information regarding your brand, product, industry, and rivals. 

In this software, you will get to see which content is ranking or which content is doing better than others. This type of record you will get to see by this tool. It will make you alert and keep you cautious while you are running a content marketing agency.

Mention has features where you will be able to scan the millions of web pages and can uncover the conversation and communication dialogues be it a blog or news, or review format. You will get all the necessary and essential information regarding the people’s views of your brand.


SEMrush is one of the best software tools for the content marketing platform, which assists in developing content marketing and also helps in the distribution process. It helps to implement data-driven content techniques and also helps to develop the marketing team. Also, the SEO experts of your content marketing can use trending headlines, queries, and themes for the content. 

It also helps to drive cooperation among the team members in the marketing group and is able to keep noticing the improvement in a centralized spot. 

CMP has an exceptional feature that provides short reports with actionable advice, and it is based on the search result of your competitors’ position. This google doc also provides best practices of SEO while meeting the expectations of the audiences. 


The larger part of content marketing depends on the process of how you manage the customer service tools along with customers’ experiences with your business. Hiver has been given the opportunity to practice the best customer service along with the collaboration of business members. 

Teams need to log in to their Gmail accounts to use this tool. This one can change the whole system of the email game when it is all about content marketers and especially when it will let you send repeated emails to potential customers. 

 Hiver tool for creating email templates will frequently use google suite. In this tool, you don’t need to put much effort. Just click on the “compose” option, and you will directly reach out to the template-based content. It will automatically be sent out to potential audiences. 


We all are familiar with the tool for content marketing, “YouTube,” for online promotion. Apart from that, wistia is a too; where you will be able to get the scope of doing content marketing. This is basically the best way to reach a wide range of audiences.

Using wistia will manage and update the data that promote the videos without changing the URLs and losing the historical data, which is hosted by general customers. Since you have started to host the video on your websites, you can get to see that all the traffic and engagement reaches your sector instead of youtube. 


Story chief is a tool for content marketers who have taken the time to post content on various platforms. It has the facility that it will publish the articles at once on various platforms. You can publish your content simultaneously on medium, Shopify, WordPress, and many other third-party platforms.

Your subscriber also gets notifications whenever you have uploaded content on your websites. Once you publish the post and make it public, anybody can access it.

Also, if you want your team members to send feedback on every day’s work, then the story chief is a great tool. Suppose your content is organized for the campaigns, then it is easier to measure your status with the comparison of previous content on the same campaign. 


Buzzsumo is a popular tech tool that every content marketer can rely on. It will work as a content coordinator, and social media analyst which will be able to identify the most powerful and influential content markets in your field. It will help you to get the information related to them and assist you in moving forward in your career. 

This valuable content marketing tool will renovate your marketing strategy. 

Last words:

These six tools are undoubtedly useful and efficient. If you have a technical issue in your business, then it will not work. Otherwise, these amazing tools are implementing outstanding content marketing and will give you many ideas for a better strategy in content marketing. 

If you have any doubts regarding the tools mentioned above, then try to apply them as a demo. Also, you can overview those tools by using google. You can see how amazing these tools are.

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