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What’s Guest Posting?

For all those of you who aren’t quite familiar with content promotion, blogging and search engine optimization, guest posting is an act of writing and publishing a post or an article on someone else’s site or website. Your work may or may not be reimbursed financially. This purely depends upon whether the website/blog offers a monetary incentive to get your own gifts.

There is only a small gap between guest posting and being a contributor. Guest posting is much more for those who are looking to give a one time post, whereas being a contributor may need a level of dedication,

Business, Finance & General Marketing Website that Accept contributions

Are you currently a passionate entrepreneur or business owner who would like to earn any attention via guest blogging? If that’s the case, this particular list is strictly for you personally. Not just you may acquire a huge amount of knowledge from these web sites, but could also contribute by sharing your knowledge.

This list is made up of sites that cover general business, strategy, finance and general marketing topics. I wouldn’t suggest jumping onto Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and the gang until you secure some guest-posts from books with lower barriers.

Guest Post Feed35Write for us
Business Insider95273Contribute
Survey Monkey Blog94655Contribute
Harvard Business Review933,102Contact
Fast Company922,690Contact
AMEX Open Forum92391Contact
Venture Beat904,498Guest Post
Seeking Alpha871,601Contribute
Emerald Insight868,161Write
Small Biz Trends8318,750Become an Author
Business 2 Community8213,162Contribute
All Business8053,788Guest Post
Money Crashers7725,983Write For Them
SiteProNews7391,646Guest Post
BPlans7214,549Write For Them
EO Network72134,956Contibute
Money Saving Mom7263,919Guest Post
I Will Teach You To Be Rich7131,877Contact
Silicon Republic7177,868Contact Editors
Customer Think7176,737Contribute
Biz Community7129,602Submit News
Grass Hopper7032,063Contribute
Wise Bread7028,176Contribute
Due6896,032Guest Post
Startup Grind6776,227Become a Writer
Startup Nation67182,845Contribute
Small Business BC67227,277Write For Them
Killer Startups66212,670Guest Post
Training Zone64151,014Register & Post
My Corporation64235,439Become an Author
Real Business62159,156Contact
Booker6251,054Write For Them
My Customer61117,704Register & Post
Alley Watch60186,471Contribute
Creately Blog5917,921Write For Them
Business Zone58128,188Register & Post
Time Doctor5836,011Write For Them
Small Biz Daily58456,760Contact
Inc 425836,380Guest Post
Blog Paws57511,674Write For Them
Tweak Your Biz57134,641Contribute
Fearless Flyer57848,992Contribute
Go To Meeting561,124,519Contribute
FYA56472,109Write For Them
The Pie News56340,063Write For Them
Milk Round5567,492Write For Them
Addicted 2 Success5462,220Write For Them
Youth Specialties54484,671Write For Them
YFS Magazine54274,403Contribute
Mirasee53193,507Guest Post
Smart Hustle53718,167Write For Them
Andcards35435,201Write For Them

Disclaimer: We do not assure or guarantees that all or any of the websites listed above will accept your content, guest post, or contribution. The platform has their own guidelines and requirement.


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