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SEO is the most important factor of your website. it’s part of digital marketing in lead generations. SEO has many types of strategy and officially google is change the search result factor. it’s most part is page speed. If your website page speed is low means you do not get ranking and traffic. If you get rank to another way but the user is not satisfied so you need to increase your website speed 90+ on the search engine. You have one questions how can I do that so it’s very easy you can type google page speed checking tools and click this link then after entering your website URL and click the analyze button. If you did not know how to do that and what is impact generate then massage me we are helping you. We are developed a 99 percent speed achieve to 100. We have 150+ in house engineer team and developed best in class design click here and check our work directory

Slow Web Sites are bad for business. The complete success of your web site depends only on its speed. As we are internet users we know that if any of the web sites don’t load fast enough we have left that site without even seen any of its content.

If our web site is taking too much time to render the user stop visiting it. and it causes a bad impact on our business. And any client visiting slow web site they will definitely not going to buy such lazy web sites.

Slow sites have poor search engine ranking, lower overall site traffic, and negative user experience. It will affect the performance of web site and low-performance web site are never be too long existable in market

Factors affecting speed of web site:

The speed of the website is very important.The loading time of the web site depends on many factors and those need to be considered very carefully.Here we have provided some factors like:

1.Large File Size: The obvious point is the size of the file loaded on the web site.if the file size is too large to load it will take more time to render and affects the user experience.

2.Load Time: As we know need to do multitasking nowadays and our search engine is providing facilities for multiple HTTP requests.Load time means how long it will take to appear the page on site.

3.Time To First Bite: It is the measure between the web page request and response arrives. It is the most important factor in accessing speed of the web site.

4.Round Trip: The number of round trips means how many times the request made to the origin server and response it throws. The more round trips it requires the more it takes to load the site.

5.Server Hosting: Speed of server has a major impact on the speed of web site loads for the visitors. If we haven’t provided enough resources to the server it will slow down the things for everyone.

6.Browser: Type of browser you are using to load the web site is also the major concern. older versions of browsers get troubles to load the assets of the code and new features that are not supported by older browsers.

7.PC Cache: The cache stores the information you have recently gone through, so it will be more convenient to make future calls, It will give you the fast results from cached data.

8.Too many external media: The more media attached to the web page the more it will take time to load the web page.

9.Use Of Plugins: Use of Too many Plugging can actually slow down the speed of the web site. as well as installing too many plugging can prove security risks as well.

How can we overcome this problem ??

Your website is an important factor in your business. It is a more critical asset through which probable customers learn about your services, products, and outsourcing and make buying decisions.

1. Minimize Http Requests: We can minimize HTTP requests on-page for the different parts like images, scripts, and js.

2. Reduce File Size: Reduce the file size by compressing them and we can combine the same file into a single one.

3. Enable Gzip Compression: we can reduce load time for images by compressing images or tinified them and use it in web site.

4. Minimize Load Time: Try loading CSS and JavaScript at the same time.

5. Enable Browser Caching: Leverage Browser Caching

6. Use Content Delivery Network: Use a CDN instead of Whole files. Use Font Loading via CDN, as Fonts are loaded with CSS so that it will pause the rendering while fonts are being loaded so it will impact negatively on web site.

7. Rendering JavaScript: Load JS file in the footer so that it would not affect the rendering of HTML.

8. Optimized Server Response: when the page response does not need dynamic content every time it should use cached content and give it to the user as a response for every future request.

9. Minimize The Number Of Plugins: Remove Unnecessary plugging by detecting suspected plugins and disabling it, if that plugging is going to slow down the speed than we ca delete that plugin.

10. Choose Reliable Web Host: To boost your website performance, Cheap Web Host may be costly in the long run and maybe not reliable

Artoon Solutions provides you these types of facilities on the web site. We are working on how we can deliver the best web site to the customer. We are focusing on how we can deliver optimized sites to our users so that they can have the best user experience. We work on best web appearance of pages with good use of colors, We are using fonts and text that are easily readable, As Graphics are Important we are using meaningful graphics because only texts are boring to read. Our sites are simple and well organized. Our web pages are fast loaded and with minimal scrolling.

Our sites have consistent layout as well as the prominent and logical navigation throughout the web site. our site will have a descriptive link text and has cross-browser compatibility. Our web sites are totally secured.

Artoon solutions is the top-leading WordPress development agency based on the US serving all over the world effectively and efficiently. Hire dedicated wordPress developers at Artoon and compelete your project effectively.

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