How to Build an On-Demand Handyman Services App? Complete Insights to Achieve Success

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Hello there! This blog on handyman services will absolutely help you in launching your handyman services business. In recent times, handyman services are spiking up with no witness of slowing down. In the U.S., more than 53% of people call for handyman services, even for small repairs. Since this is a budding on-demand service, you can take this chance to popularise the service across the globe. Let us start with the benefits of investing in handyman services app development.

Defining on-demand handyman services

Like every other on-demand service, the handyman services let users book for services online. Users can book a close by handyman listed on the app. Based on the user’s request, the handyman will go to the user’s place. The app simplifies the need for handyman services as they are on-time and easy to book. For you, this will be a perfect business, as you can effortlessly manage appointments and revenue.

How will the handyman services app shed light on your business?

  • Better brand visibility

Moving a business online will help you to fetch more users. Through your handyman app, users can easily fix an appointment with a handyman and avail themselves of the services instantly. Whereas, in traditional methods, users will have to search for handyman services which are more tedious. Therefore, taking your business online is a great idea.

  • Easy administration

Managing your business is relatively easy, with an exclusive handyman app. You can track orders that are received and processed, thereby making it more efficient in managing the overall business operations.

  • Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management is crucial in every business. Many businesses fail to satisfy their customers due to poor customer service or lack of quality. Here are some of the benefits of using the handyman app in regard to customer relationship management.

  • Through in-app analytics, you can identify the interests of your customers and target them accordingly.
  • You can resolve the queries of users through the in-app chat feature.
  • You can gain traction by offering promo codes, offers, and even referral points.

So far, we have been walking through the benefits of handyman services app development. In this regard, we shall see the different categories of features of the app.

Some of the imperative features of your handyman services app

  • Find the nearby handyman

The sole concept of on-demand services is to fulfill the needs of customers instantly. Therefore, your app must let users find a nearby handyman. For that, you will have to partner with local handyman service providers and list them on the app along with their details. Based on the details and reviews given by others, users will choose a suitable handyman.

  • Book services

Once the user selects the nearby handyman, he/she will book the service. It would be great if users can schedule their bookings. For example, you can provide different booking options like book for now, book for later, book for tomorrow, etc. This flexibility in booking services as per the user’s convenience will be an added advantage for your business.

  • Payment options

You must focus on different payment methods rather than a few payment methods. A survey states that most of the time, users abandon the cart due to the unavailability of their preferred payment mode. Some possible payment options include debit/credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Stripe, Amazon Pay, and in-app wallet.

  • Location tracking

The location tracking feature is available in almost all on-demand services. Tracking features are beneficial for both the users and the handyman as they can track each other’s location. After booking the handyman, users can track his/her precise location. Also, as an admin, you can monitor whether the handyman reaches out to the user or not using the tracking feature. Cool, right?

  • Estimated arrival time

Users must be able to know the arrival time of the handyman. The app runs an algorithm that calculates the ETA based on the distance between the handyman and the user.

Stages that constitute the Gojek clone app development

Stage 1: You will frame your app requirements and approach the developer. The developer will document your business requirements and give you an estimation.

Stage 2: Since the clone app is a ready-made script, you can insist your developer to make the customizations.

Stage 3: Once the customization is complete, the fully-functional app will be tested. After testing, the app will be all set to launch.

Your Go-To Solution For Handyman Services App Development

As we all know that there are numerous handyman services available. To offer multiple services, your app must cooperate without any glitches. Therefore, there arises the need for a sturdy app that lets you offer different handyman services without throwing any glitches.

Gojek clone script is an app solution, using which you can give shape to your app. Yes, clone apps are customizable, meaning you can remodel the app as per your requirements. Customizations can be done for both backend and frontend functionalities. Therefore, if you are looking for an app development that requires less time and investment, then your go-to is ready-made app solutions.


How ready are you to develop your handyman services app? I hope that this write-up will give you a clear-cut knowledge of handyman services. You can easily position yourself in the marketplace by venturing into the on-demand handyman services. All the best!

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Gojek clone script

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