Buying followers – why bloggers wrongly advise against it!

buying followers

Why various companies advise against it

If you’ve ever thought about buying followers for Instagram, you’ve probably come across some blog posts. The bloggers reportedly test the products of various social media companies. In the end, you will often find a negative report. What can that be? We also dealt with these bloggers and found amazing things. A certain scheme could be crystallized from this. In this post, we explain why bloggers advise you not to buy followers. Because there puts a lot more hinder their advice.
Maybe you understand then what should aim at these blog posts. Read the following sections and see the other side of the coin.

What exactly are bloggers?

Everyone knows that. A blogger is a public figure who writes about certain topics and either criticizes or recommends them. As a rule, bloggers build up an enormous reach. This reach naturally includes the trust of the audience. Many people read through the articles and buy the product accordingly or accept the services mentioned in the article. Because of this trust, companies can record increasing sales. This will reward the blogger. Bloggers can write about a brand consistently when it comes to their favorite brand they identify with. Or they report on different products. In general, no rule determines what topic you can or shouldn’t tell.

Manipulation, now also online

What can that mean? Manipulation is a falling word, but of course, there are positive connections with this word. How? For example, if you motivate yourself to exercise when you don’t feel like it, you’re manipulating yourself to get a better result. You manipulate yourself at school to get better grades. Well, exactly this manipulation also takes place on the net. Both negative and positive. When a blogger enthusiastically writes about a product, he causes you to make a purchase decision. However, if a blogger reports badly about a product, he causes very few users to deal with the product or even buy it. Buyers have separate opinions, especially when it comes to buying followers. But if you take a closer look, you understand why.

Tested honestly? Or predefined?

Of course, some bloggers have bought followers. however, they noticed that the qualities of the followers vary. So far you can understand that. In some cases, you get followers who have hardly any pictures. Or you get followers who follow far too many people. The quality of the followers varies depending on the company and how much money you spend on them. But some bloggers advise against buying followers completely, even though they haven’t even tested them. Why? Because they get something in return from other companies. We once looked at this blogger and found that these bloggers never bought followers. Nevertheless, they talk badly about it or lump all companies together and describe that all social media providers have such a quality. But how can you find out

Blogger – public figures

You can write to the blogger yourself. Since bloggers work closely with their target group, they often write with their audience. They are public figures and also respond to comments in their posts. Of course, you can also get your picture of whether the company you want to buy from is serious or not. If you read through reports, you will encounter approval as well as rejection. Distinguishing the chaff from the wheat is not an easy task. As you can see from a reputable company, we also wrote a post. In this article, you will find various features that you should pay attention to. There are very good companies that are excellent and whose services you can use. These have an imprint and ratings,

Why do bloggers or companies advise against buying followers?

As already mentioned, we asked ourselves this question and read the blog posts. In some cases, we noticed that these bloggers never bought followers at all. But why are they doing this? You receive consideration for the negative contributions from certain companies. Sometimes these companies are behind the blog posts themselves. But what do you get from advising against buying? Well, if you look closely and remove the remaining characters after the slash from the specified URL, so you get to the homepage, you will discover amazing things. These companies themselves operate in the social media areas. But the difference is very different.

Buy followers, buy subscribers, buy likes – what is the purpose of this?

It has several advantages. For one, you save yourself a lot of time. The time you can invest elsewhere. Also a lot of work. In addition to the advantages mentioned, you can incorporate the purchase into your marketing if you want to market yourself. The advantages are a wider range. Here are some small examples of the benefit of buying followers :

  • Buy Followers – Reach

Your reach increases. Not only that you rise in ranking and are therefore visible to others. You still benefit from the social proof effect. What is that exactly? You know the herd behavior of animals. We, humans, are pack animals. If a large number of users follow you, others will see it, and they will do the same and follow you. Only because others are already doing it.

  • Buy followers – credibility

On this point, many bloggers have written that by buying followers, credibility drops rapidly. They are not so wrong. How is that meant? Well, if you buy poor-quality followers, your credibility drops and you build up your trust. But a reputable company appreciates quality and of course offers it. Therefore, read through everything yourself before you buy and call again if necessary.

  • Buy followers – time and labor savings

As already mentioned, you save yourself a lot of effort. You can organize everything organically. You just have to be aware that it can take years. You can shorten it by buying it. Especially if you decide to become an influencer, this can be seen as a generally good start-up aid.

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buying followers

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