How Car Detailing Improves a Vehicle’s Durability?

Car Detailing

Do you own a car detailing? How much are you investing in terms of care and maintenance? Probably not enough. The reason that we asked this question is that a lot of car owners are not investing enough money in caring for and maintaining their vehicles. The result is that the vehicle starts to lose its edge which in turn reduces its resale value. 

Even if you are not worried about the resale value, keep in mind that a vehicle is a reflection of your personality. If it is poorly looked after, then people would think the same about your personality. Therefore, keeping the vehicle in top condition is in your best interests. After all, no one wants others to think poorly of them, right?

On the other hand, we have car owners who invest hundreds and thousands of dollars on their vehicle. This includes aftermarket parts, modifications, and so much more. Unfortunately, they fail to invest such huge amounts of money in the right direction. One needs to realize that a regular wash and wax are not enough. Car owners need to invest in car detailing.

What is Car Detailing?

Also known as auto detailing in many parts of the world, it is the act of ensuring that the vehicle remains in top condition in terms of physical appearance. This rules out any mechanical process. Even within car detailing, there are two types – interior and exterior. Many of those who avail car detailing services already know about the two types. However, if you do not, there is no cause for worry because we will explain it to you.

Interior Detailing

This involves cleaning the entire inside cabin. When we say ‘entire, we mean it. The best car detailing services often take out the seats as well to ensure that the interior is properly cleaned. They also clean the AC vents and use specialized materials for cleaning the plastics and other components. If you have leather seats, there is no need to worry because they use leather specific materials to clean them.

Exterior Detailing

As the name indicates, this involves cleaning the exterior of the vehicle including the windows, headlights, and in some cases underneath the hood as well. That’s not all as exterior detailing also involves cleaning the tires and making sure that they offer the same look as they did the day you bought them.

Car Detailing Advantages

Whether you opt for car detailing in Dubai or New York, the advantages remain unchanged. The only thing that changes is the type of service provided. For instance, Dubai’s climate is quite different from New York. Therefore, you would witness that car detailing services in Dubai use different products and materials than ones in New York. Speaking of advantages, one of the biggest benefits of car detailing is that it improves the resale value.

Now, let us take a look at the relationship between auto detailing and a vehicle’s durability.

How Car Detailing Improves a Vehicle’s Durability?

Good Visibility

Imagine driving down the road with a dirty windscreen and headlights? Naturally, your view ahead would be impaired. Poor visibility increases the likelihood of an accident. There is also a chance that the accident may turn out to be fatal. Even if it is not fatal, you would have to pay for hospital expenses and car repair. A repaired car loses its resale value along with durability. Likewise, if another party is involved, you will also have to pay for their expenses. During interior car detailing, as we mentioned earlier, the windows and headlights are thoroughly cleaned. Therefore, by preventing an accident, the durability of the vehicle is increased along with individual components.

Clean Vehicle

While driving around, the vehicle’s interior along with the exterior is exposed to dirt, mud, germs and tonnes of other contaminants. These contaminants are harmful to the car and the people sitting in it. You might not know this but contaminants affect the paint job of the vehicle, causing the paint to fade away. Likewise, the interior is equally affected by them. Similarly, regular driving results in wear and tear, especially in the interior. The components may begin to lose their appearance or come apart entirely. For instance, it is quite common for the car seats to tear up along with a faded dashboard. Interior car detailing is the best way to prevent this and ensure that the car remains durable.

Paint Job

What is the first thing that one looks at in a vehicle? The exterior, right? In the exterior, the first thing that anyone notices is the paint job. As mentioned earlier, the paint can start to fade along with developing scratches due to wear and tear. Over time, the surface beneath the paint will start getting damaged too. During exterior detailing or car paint protection, different materials are used to enhance the paint and keep it in good condition. Apart from wax, many companies also offer ceramic coating. By protecting the paint with an extra ceramic layer, the car’s durability is greatly enhanced.

Tire Quality

During detailing, the workmen pay extra attention to the tires. There are several reasons for it and the most obvious is that the tyres are amongst the most vital car components. They are the only components that come into contact with the road. Hence, they need to be in top condition. During detailing, car detailing services use different materials to clean the tires and wheels. Afterwards, tire wax is applied. Some detailing services opt for coating. Either way, both act as protectants and enhance the durability of the tires. As the tires are responsible for braking, acceleration, turning and so much more, quality tires greatly improve performance and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Also, they enhance the beauty of a car. 


The engine is the heart of the vehicle. It needs to be in good condition. Otherwise, the vehicle will start to break down frequently while key components would also be damaged. During detailing, the engine is thoroughly cleaned to remove contaminants. This breathes a new life into the engine and greatly improves the performance. A well looked after engine goes a long way in ensuring a vehicle’s longer durability. Keep in mind that a poorly maintained engine can be quite costly to fix.


Car Detailing

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