How to Support Your Child’s Love of the Arts

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If your child loves singing, dancing, and acting, then it is a great idea to nurture this type of passion. That’s because the arts have been shown to contribute to a child’s growth, maturity, and confidence. Here are eight great ways that you can support your child’s love of the arts.

1. Take Your Child to See Performances

A child can be very impressionable at a young age. That’s why it is important for you to give your child exposure to high-quality art. If you live near a theater, then you can take your child to see a play, a musical, a ballet, or a musical performance. This can motivate the child to pursue his own artistic ambitions or simply appreciate high-quality art. You don’t only have to see touring performances from big-name acts. Most cities have performances from local artists.

2. Support Your Child’s Pursuit of the Arts

If your child shows an inclination to singing, acting, dancing, or playing an instrument, then you will want to guide your child to fuel his passion. You can enroll your child in a Broadway School, buy him materials to pursue his craft, or simply offer verbal encouragement. By pursuing a passion, your child will learn discipline which can help him even if he decides to pursue something else professionally.

3. Surround Your Child With Arts At Home

There is a saying, “You are a product of your environment.” Therefore it is a good idea to surround your child with high-quality art. You can buy your child a post of his favorite performer and play high-quality musical soundtracks at home. You can also have nights when the whole family watches a musical performance, a high-quality movie, or some other performance. Turning your home into a sanctuary for high-quality arts can be very nurturing for your child.

4. Give Your Child Reading Materials About the Arts

It can be a challenge to get your child to read. However, you are much more likely to have your child open a book or magazine if it has a subject matter that encourages him. If your child is a big fan of the musical “Hamilton” for instance, then you should buy your child a book or a magazine about the famous musical.

5. Play Music at Home

Studies have shown that a child that is exposed to music at an early age sees exceptional development of perceptual skills, which affects language and literary abilities. Therefore, you should fill your house with music that interests your child at a young age. Even if the music is not to your personal liking, exposing your child to his favorite songs can be very nurturing and could spawn his interest in playing an instrument or singing.

6. Encourage Friendships with Other Kids Who Like the Arts

The choice of friends that your child has will play a big role in his development. Therefore it is a good idea for your child to make friends with other kids who have an interest in the arts. The kids can collaborate on artistic projects and encourage each other to pursue their skills. Who knows? That childhood friend could lead to a lifelong artistic partnership.

7. Watch Your Child’s Performance

It is a good idea to encourage your child if they decide to pursue anything artistic. This will give the child motivation to continue to create and grow. Even if your child doesn’t give the best performance in the world, you will want to give your child a positive attitude performance to keep going.

8. Share Your Own Love of the Arts

If you have a favorite musical or play, be sure to expose your child to these pieces of art. Your child may take a liking to one of your favorite pieces of art. This can help your child explore more high-quality musicians, movies, or performances.

Giving Your Child the Gift of the Arts

Your child can grow immensely when exposed to the right music, performance, or art. Be sure to encourage your child’s curiosity and give him the encouragement to pursue any artistic outlet that he may have. This can lead to a lifetime of love for the arts.


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