How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

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Most materials and furnishings give you those “signs” when they need to be cleaned; bathtubs might create a ring, and wood floors show you some scuffs. But, carpets are much tricker. 

The golden rule of proper carpet cleaning is to vacuum twice a week. So, you may clean carpets you have at home regularly using a vacuum or a spot cleaner to remove dirt or lose particles on your carpet’s surface. 

However, do you know that sometimes you might need more than a vacuum cleaner for effective carpet cleaning? If not cleaned properly, your carpets can be a comfy hotspot for germs and contain four thousand times dirtier than a toilet seat. And, of course, that definitely causes health concerns. 

At this point, you might be wondering, “how often should you clean your carpets to make them really gleam and germs-free?”

Let’s find out!

When Do You Know It’s the Best Time to Clean Your Carpets?

Many different factors define how often you should clean your carpets. Factors like any pet and child traffic can impact the frequency of carpet cleaning in your home. Here are some questions you need to answer to know how often you need to clean your carpets.

Do You Have Pets at Home?

If you have furry friends at home, you know that your carpets more often. Those loose furs and muddy paws are your carpet’s biggest enemies, making it obvious for you to make cleaning your carpet seriously.

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You need to vacuum your carpet four to six times a week. To avoid the build-up of bacteria and allergens caused by pet accidents, you can sprinkle specialized carpet powder or baking soda on the stained areas. You should let the powder sink in for two hours before you can vacuum over the area twice.

Are There Children in the House?

More often than not, little ones spill their snacks or tear through every room with their muddy shoes after playing outside. If you can relate to this situation, then you need to clean your carpets at least twice a year or every six months.

You can take the carpets outside and beat them with a broom — an old-school technique, but it’s still effective, and then give them a deep steam-cleaning once a year. You also might want to consider getting it professionally cleaned once a year to avoid harmful bacteria building up.

Do You Have an Allergy?

Another major factor in when you should clean your carpets is whether your family members have an allergy or not. Carpet fibers are a filter. It means it can collect dust and allergens floating around the room.

From here, we know that the removal of dust and other buildups in carpet cleaning is crucial to preventing irritation. To avoid any allergic reactions, you need to vacuum the carpets at least once a week, might as well hire a professional to deep-clean them every two months.

Are Your Carpets Light-Colored?

One of the best things about light-colored carpets is that it highlights dirt or stains better than the darker ones. But, it also means that they need to be clean more often so that you can ensure that it can always brighten up your room.

Consider vacuuming it once a week. Thus, it’s always better to clean spills immediately and treat carpet stains when they arise. Meanwhile, if you want to maintain the colors and make them look their best, get a professional clean every six to 12 months.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Now, you know when is the best time for your carpets to get cleaned. That’s said, make sure you do it right so that you can keep your carpet in good condition, keep your home clean, and your family happy and healthy.

Here are some most common carpet cleaning mistakes most people make — so you don’t have to.

  • Over-wetting it. If the carpets are way too soaked, they can take a long time to dry. This, in turn, will increase the risk of mold and mildew.
  • Over-shampoo it. Using too much shampoo won’t only discolor your carpets but also build up more soapy residue that can attract more dirt.
  • Placing furniture on wet carpeting. Furniture on wet carpeting is never a good idea. It’ll leave rust stains if they are in contact for so long.

Wrapping Up

Since carpets aren’t the best communicators, you need to understand some factors yourself to know when it’s time to get them cleaned. While you can always do the vacuum cleaning regularly, you might want to consider hiring a professional to deep-clean it. They’ll know what they need to do to keep your carpets clean. They also provide you with a warranty just in case anything unforeseen happens to it.  For more detailed information about Furniture Vinyl Wrap visit our website.

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