best refrigerator in India

When you feel hungry you don’t have to search for the food, just have a look inside the refrigerator to get the desired food.

Refrigerator is like a home for every kind of food item which helps to safely store and organize food inside it.

We cannot imagine our daily diet without a refrigerator in the house.

It’s our sole responsibility to keep the refrigerator clean and organize the food properly for easy maintenance.

If you observe carefully, a well organized refrigerator can save both time and money. If you know what’s exactly inside, your grocery shopping becomes easy and food wastage reduces.


  • Avoid overloading your refrigerator.

Loading every inch of the refrigerator may lead to blockage of cooling vents. If your fridge is empty, fill it up with water bottles.

An empty refrigerator can lead to wastage of electricity. Always try to load only 2/3rd of the refrigerator.

  • Avoid keeping chopped fruits and vegetables.

When you store chopped fruits in the fridge, more surface area will be vulnerable to bacteria. Therefore chances of food getting spoiled are very easy.

We recommend keeping fruits and vegetables unchopped if you are not eating, then you can clean and chop it before consuming.

  • Don’t keep dairy items in the door.

Temperature near the door keeps on fluctuating which spoils many food items. So avoid keeping easy spoil items like milk in the door.

Rather keep water bottles, condiments, and juice in different compartments and label it with the names.

  • Keep meat items on the lowest shelf or freezer.

Ther is a less chance of bacterial growth at low temperature, so better keep the meat in the freezer to avoid foodborne diseases.

If there is less space in the freezer then keep it on the lower shelf to avoid leakage and spillage on other food items.

  • Leftovers are to be kept in a separate compartment.

When you keep on adding new food items, the old food is left behind unnoticeable. This leads to food spoilage and has to be thrown away.

Assign a separate compartment to the leftovers so that it will be easily accessible and remembered.


  • If the food is spoiled throw it away in a sealed bag. Clean the container thoroughly to remove all the food stains left on the walls.
  • In the latest refrigerators, drawers and shelves can be removed easily while cleaning the fridge. Try to keep all food items in a separate table before starting the cleaning process.
  •  Thoroughly hand wash the shelves and drawers with soap water to remove food leftovers. Clean it with a dry cloth before installing it.
  • Install deodorizer to remove odor from the different food items. After cleaning the interior, add deodorizer at the side of the refrigerator wall.
  • Remove dust from the condenser coil to save energy and enhance cooling function. As the dust starts accumulating on the coil, heat radiating outside from the coil will decrease thus affecting the cooling efficiency.
  • Use a wire brush to clean the condenser coil or use vacuum cleaner attached to brush to clean interiors of the refrigerator back. Avoid cleaning with solutions for the coils.
  • Filters present in the water and ice dispensers have to be removed and cleaned regularly. Better replace the filters with a new one if there are damaged.
  • Check the gasket seal on the refrigerator door for any damage. Gasket seal is used to prevent the entry of foreign material inside the fridge. Replace the rubber gasket with a new one to have undisturbed cooling.
  • Pro-tip to check whether the gasket seal is damaged or not. Insert a piece of paper between the doors and remove it suddenly. If the paper comes out easily then you can say that the seal is damaged.


Just by following these steps, you can save an extra dollar on your monthly electric bill. After every 10-15 years keep upgrading the refrigerator to a newer version to save huge maintenance costs. Buying an energy-efficient refrigerator should be the prime reason before buying the best refrigerator in India.


best refrigerator in India

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