Cost of living in Atlanta, GA – An in-depth Guide

Cost of living in Atlanta

Atlanta seems like a great place to live for its cultural diversity and a small town vibe. A lot of people are considering moving to Atlanta because of such reasons. If you are one of them, researching the cost of living in Atlanta before moving there should be your first priority! 

If you count average national living costs in the USA, living in Atlanta may not seem too expensive. However, it is undoubtedly more costly than many other cities as more people are moving, and the rental spaces are being occupied. 

Cost of living can be measured by counting the rent, grocery costs, utilities, restaurant prices. Let’s have a detailed look at those factors in Atlanta. 

Rent – $1700

Moving to a different city seems so difficult because we have no idea of the rents. Usually, prices differ in cities when it comes to renting. Fortunately, Atlanta provides more affordable rents than in other cities. 

If you are trying to stay in a good neighborhood, let’s say, in a one-bedroom apartment, you would have to keep a budget of $1700. 

You can surely get some one-bedroom apartments by spending only $1200 or a smaller amount, but it will have to be outside downtown Atlanta. 

However, staying in a good neighborhood is the best choice, as there is a vast local culture that you can be a part of! 

Utilities – $240

Monthly utilities cost take a good chunk of your cost of living. Standard utilities include water bill, electricity, and others. Also, let’s not forget the Wi-Fi. 

In total, you are looking at around $160 per month for utility bills. For the internet, you would be spending around $80 on average. 

Food and Restaurants

If you compare Atlanta to places like California, the food prices are significantly lower. According to the national average, the groceries cost 2% lower. So, Atlanta’s grocery rating is pretty good compared to many major cities. 

If you like to dine at a good restaurant once a week, make sure to spend around $100 a month or more for that! 

Total Cost of Living – $2000

On average, the cost of living in Atlanta is around $2000. Additional expenses like entertainment are not included. Although it is only slightly higher than the national average, you have to consider the average monthly salary in the city of Atlanta. It is around $1000 more than the national average. So, considering all those factors, if you have a stable job in the city, living in Atlanta is a great choice!

By doing precise apartment searching and being smart with your money, you can spend less than that and live a pretty decent life in the city. 


Make sure to search for the perfect apartment that will be on your budget and desires. Atlanta can be a great place to live for all the people who have a decent job to pay for the more-than-average cost of living. Thankfully, the city has been providing newcomers with great career opportunities!


Cost of living in Atlanta

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