Steps to Turn Your Dental Practice into a Small Fortune

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A successful dental practice is only as good as how much time and resources are invested into marketing. Expansion, growth and prestige is all dependent on the profit climate of the business, which is influenced by the number of clients, and factored by how effective the dental marketing strategies are. This is why a good dental marketing agency is implicit to the survival of your business. They help you handle marketing while you focus on treating your patients.

For an enterprising dental practice, the following recommendations would make you see positive results in no time:

Be  the Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman:

Be social and try to web your network through the various levels of social life. Go to places where you can meet and shake hands with people and recommend yourself to handle their dental problems. Connect with the community and let them perceive you as someone who has taken a real interest in community development.

Donate, sponsor and help. You can organise health workshops, or volunteer to be part of the medical team in community events. Be the first to welcome neighbours to town. Send them a greeting card or a small house warming gift with your logo on it. Place flyers in strategic places and landmarks; condition the people to your existence. It builds trust and renown.

Be Seen on the Internet:

Do you have a business blog or website? While making preparations to open a dental practice, the budget should also include creating and maintaining a web presence. Sometimes, people don’t know how serious a condition is until they read it up online. Be the one to supply them the required dosage of information. It is also why your web page needs to be saturated with SEO content by writing what people care about. It is a modern trend of building your clientele.

Also, make use of Google retargeting ads. Retargeting is an online advert strategy that allows your ads pop up after someone visits your page.  Those Ads ‘bug’ them even after leaving your page. It can be a good way to interest them in offers for products and services. Another form of advertisement on Google called Google Adwords allows your ads to appear when people search for certain keywords like “dentist in East London” or any combination of words you prefer. Pay-per-click (PPC) is also a form of paid placement advertisement. Potential clients are identified through their search words and traffic is directed towards your website.

Make Them Count the Discounts:

Make the competition uncomfortable by creating unbeatable discounts. Avoid copying a similar discount offered by a competitor. It only makes your potential clients wonder if one deal isn’t as good as the other. You can offer free consultation, reduce costs for families coming as a unit or percentage reduction in costs if patients are willing to do a prepaid service.

Discounts can also act as incentives or rewards when patients refer other patients. It can be credited to their gift cards as well. Such a referral programme is another way of making others do the work for you.

Use Social Media to Boost Presence:

Likes, clicks and shares are tools to manipulate to your benefit. Social media platforms provide digital interaction between people and even businesses. Ensure your content appeals to a large section of the society, and you may just have found the Midas touch to your dental marketing.

Use the E-mail:

Your marketing campaign is not complete without publishing and forwarding newsletters to the email addresses of your clients and potential patients. A regarded advantage of this is that it is cheaper when compared to other means of marketing. These newsletters should contain content that can add value and draw attention to your practice. You can update clients and potential patients about better ways of healthy living and oral hygiene as well as recent developments in dentistry.

Be Audio-visual:

People tend to remember more of what they see than what they read or hear about. Make an impression on your target audience by letting them meet you firsthand through videos on your blog. These videos should be opportunities to reveal your expertise and good human relations. They can be infomercials detailing why your products and services are needed or videos proving the standard of service your potential clients should expect.

The list of recommendations is not exhaustive. Be innovative and find out what works best for you. Don’t also forget to encourage feedback and reviews from patients, create beneficial business relationships with other doctors that would lead to a referral alliance, and building confidence in your expertise. Watch and see you grow.

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dental marketing agency

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