Designer Cake Ideas For Your Little Girl

Designer Cake

Is it your little girl’s birthday? Do you want to surprise her with a beautiful and delicious Designer Cake? We know the answer is ‘Yes’, and that’s why you are here.

Having a daughter is something divine. And feeling blessed to have a daughter shows that you are a good person. While you can do anything to make her smile, what all you need to make her happy on her birthday is a special cake. And by SPECIAL, we really mean it. Do not opt for those usual cakes again. We are not saying they are not good, but you should have something unique, something eye-catching, something designer like a Happy Birthday Barbie Cake for your little princess.

So, here we bring you some amazing designer cake ideas for your little girl.

Princess Cake

Surprise your little princess with a princess theme cake. There are different types of princess theme cakes available in the market, but you have to make your choice. So, we recommend you to opt for a two-tier cake covered in pink fondant sheet and topped with an edible tiara of silver colour. The cake should also be decorated with edible pearl and diamonds to give it a proper royal feel. And don’t forget to add the name of your little girl on the cake.

Rockstar Cake

This cake is a great fit if your little girl has an interest in singing or dancing. A rockstar can be a combination of cream and fondant cake or can be full-fledge fondant cake; it depends on your preference. Get the cake coloured in the favourite colour of your daughter and have the size according to the number of invitees. The rockstar cake comes topped with a caricature of a girl rocking the stage with her performance. According to your budget, you can also ask the baker to add caricatures of the audience and other band members. Again – don’t forget the name.

Barbie Cake

Barbie cakes have been highly in demand for a long time, and they are not going out of the trend any soon. The reason is that there is still no other toy in the market in competition with Barbie dolls and little girls love to play with barbies. Get a barbie cake baked for the birthday of your little daughter and try to get it exactly in the same dress that your daughter’s barbie doll has. You can easily buy Barbie cakes online and can also add your customization. If you are away from your home and your daughter due to any reason, then you can send barbie cake online through online cake delivery services.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake is also a great pick to make your little daughter smile extra wide on her birthday. There are various types of rainbow cakes available. Basically, rainbow cakes have those seven colours of the rainbow in them in the form of seven different layers. Rainbow cakes can be decorated with fondant or with the cream also. We suggest you pick a rainbow cake that looks cartoony and get your daughter’s name written on top of it using all the colours of the rainbow if possible.

Butterfly Cake

To put it simply; a cake baked and prepared in the shape of a butterfly. Kids really love butterflies, and they have a distinct interest for them. You may have seen your little daughter running after a butterfly to catch it. So, don’t you think she will be more than happy to see a big butterfly cake on her birthday? Ask the baker to add as many details as possible to make the cake realistic.

Floral Number Cake

This designer cake idea is the simplest and effective. Get a cake baked and prepared in the shape of a number equal to your daughter’s age and get it decorated with colourful edible flowers made from whipped cream and fondant sheets. You can also get the cake decorated with the favourite flowers of your daughter.

You should only choose the best bakery to get a delicious and beautiful cake baked for your little girl’s birthday party. It is also important to know about her favourite flavour. You can also customize all the cakes that we discussed above with your daughter’s picture.

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Designer Cake

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