Top Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement Now

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Digital marketing is a very broad term and it should not be associated with just SEO and social media marketing as many of us do. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy can take your business to new heights and on the other hand, if you have made a strategy just for the sake of it, it will take you nowhere. Similar to other online techniques, digital marketing also evolves with time and you need to ensure that you amend your strategy with time. Hiring a marketing agency in Toronto is the first step, but you should also learn about digital marketing to give your valuable inputs to the team.

In this post, we will discuss some of the latest digital marketing tips that you should take into consideration to stay ahead in the race and beat your competitors.

Website optimization is a must

Though people watch more videos and search through voice calls, traditional SEO still plays a pivotal role in bringing traffic to your website. Hire a web design company in Toronto and ensure that your website is fully optimized as per the Google guidelines. This is the most important thing to do. Keep updating your website blog and website content from time to time to get satisfactory engagements.

Optimize for Voice Search

Voice searches are trending in the market and are convenient for users too. You should ensure that you optimize your strategy for voice searches too. Design a strategy in a manner that your business is featured in those voice search results. Ask your content writers to write content keeping in the mind voice search conversations and you will be able to attract more traffic through voice searches. Also, getting a featured snippet “Near Me” can be beneficial to your business exposure. Here, users will get the top local results for their voice search and you will feature in their searches.

Consider Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is shining like armour in the digital marketing suite and you need to adapt to this cost-effective yet very effective digital marketing strategy that can bring some quality leads to your website. When people hear about your products and services through an influencer voice, they will likely trust your brand more and that is the main thing about influencer marketing.

There are many social media influencers from your industry that can promote your offerings on their channels and all you need to do is to contact them. In the upcoming years, influencer marketing will surely rise in size and you should adopt to it from now to gain a competitive advantage.

In addition to that, some micro-influencers don’t charge much and have a strong local following and positive reputation. You can approach them to promote your brand to get local visits on your website.

Rethink Your Paid Advertising

If you are into paid marketing, you need to change your strategy or at least monitor it with sharp eyes. Digital marketing is all about perception and value-adding and creating a personal relationship with the users. When you design your paid advertising campaign, you need to ensure that there is a personal touch to advertising to lure your customers.

Personalization is not about taking a person’s name in the ad, but focusing on what customers love and what they are looking for. Design straightforward, seamless, and concise advertisements that can make an impact on the psyche of the customers and create curiosity in them. Make your paid advertising campaign more personal and custom.


When you make advertisements or other campaigns more personal and with a human touch, people would love it. Even they will value it for sure. However, personalization is a broad term and you need to understand it clearly.

Take an example of Netflix or Amazon Prime. They will come up with a list of shows and movies that you would be interested in as you have seen similar genre movies and shows in the past. This is personalization at its best. In this manner, you can offer tailor-made services to your customers and they would love it.

If you have a small business and this example does not entice you, you can start with writing personalized emails to your existing customers. With the name of the subscriber and a personal touch, you can make them feel special too.

Come up with some ideas that can personalize your offerings. You don’t need complicated technologies to offer personalization to the users. All you need is ideas that can work.

Video Content

Video content is also popular nowadays and users love it too. You can come up with exciting video content that has some value and entertainment with it. As per the research, 68% of customers revealed that they would prefer video content when they want to learn something compared to text. You can think about it.


Just hiring a marketing agency in Toronto is not enough to get all the benefits of digital marketing. You need to evolve with time and keep a sharp eye on new trends and technologies to get an upper hand. Keep evolving your strategy as per the new trends and enjoy benefits.

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marketing agency in Toronto

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