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Everybody wants the audience’s full attention while delivering a PowerPoint presentation. To strengthen a point in the presentation, provide a change from the general flow and show the audience you have done your research, a lot of people use quotes. Quotes by famous individuals offer a kind of social proof to support the claims you make in your talk. Although a lot of people fail to display quotes in their presentation in a proper way, which is why we are here to give you some of the best PowerPoint tips for using quotes that will impress everyone.

Choose the perfect quote – Brainyquote.com and Thinkexist.com. are two of the best sites for getting excellent quotes. Choose a quote by any respected well-known individual who can help enhance and maintain the presentation’s credibility. If the presentation is regarding literature, you can quote Charles Dickens or William Shakespeare and if your presentation is regarding business, you can quote Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. You also need to find the right keyword for the right quote. Some of the best sources of inspirational quotes are collections of quotes for particular topics, and the advantage of these collections is that they don’t necessarily contain a specific keyword and you can be limited by the terms you search for. Find quote collection by searching for the topic and include “quotes and sayings” in the search option.  Another good example of one of these sites is quotegarden.com, which has quotes from a variety of topics.

Verify- Verifying the quotes is the next PowerPoint Presentation for using a quote in a presentation. Always double check if the quote you are using was actually said by the person whom you have referred to in the quote of your presentation. Choose the right source before selecting a quote. A well-known quote can be attributed to a lot of people. Double-check the quote using Wikiquote or Ralph Keyes’ Quote Verifier book. Anonymous and quotes whose authors are unknown should also be verified carefully. Such quotes from unknown sources can later cause copyright issues or other problems. There are times when the meaning of the quote is totally different from what it seems which sometimes can be interpreted in a negative sense. Therefore it is important to understand the context of the quote before using it in the presentation. In an informal presentation using a quote out of context does not really harm the presentation, which isn’t really the case of a formal presentation.

Split up the components of the quote – Split up 3 or 4 points you want your audience to pay attention to in the presentation. Nobody likes to read anything long and boring so stop using too many lines and words. Using 10 to 14 words is standard. Use short quotes that are quick reads for your audience. Famous individuals like Mark Twain and Paulo Coelho have the ability to deliver quotes and meaningful lines in a concise manner. If the quote is long but extremely relevant to the presentation and holds importance, then it can be used. Also, keep the quote as simple as possible for the easy understanding of the audience. Often audience cannot interpret complicated quotes and as a result, do not find the presentation powerful. To avoid that, select simple and easily understandable quotes from the web.

Text addition – Add text to your PowerPoint presentation slide and arrange it according to your choice. To highlight your key points modify the font, background, color of text, text size, etc.  There are sites on the internet where you can find and download amazing looking fonts. To highlight particular keywords in the quote, make those words larger than the other words in the quote. To make the larger words even more prominent, use contrast in the size of the words.

Select a relevant picture – Select a picture that is related to the quote and the presentation. You cannot use pictures of fashion models and soft toys for the presentation of an automobile company. The relevance has to signify relevance to where it’s being used. You can emphasize key parts of the quote with italics, bold, color, size, font, etc. (check out this blog post for some inspiration). However, you can include a picture of the individual who stated the quote if they are well known by the audience and has importance in your field. You can also emphasize the message (and not the author) by tying the quote to a descriptive image, and there is no preferred way, and the best approach will depend on your audience, your message, and what you’re trying to achieve. Use an image that does not overshadow your quote. Use of images while using quotes in a PowerPoint presentation is not always necessary but it does emphasize the meaning and value of it. It also helps with grabbing more of the audience’s attention.

Make use of the text box – This is yet another tip of using quotes. You can attract extra eyeballs to the quote in your presentation by using an innovative text box. You can use a platform with a stylish text box on top to call attention to a long-ish quote, and if you use such long quotes when presenting, remember to allow your audience a few moments to read. This not helps them to understand the quote but also gives them time to properly read it.


PowerPoint tips

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