Dos & Don’ts of Social Media Marketing amid Pandemic

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Due to COVID-19, time is changing and getting harder. Out of this situation, the most common question arising is “How can we use the same, traditional social media marketing tactics which we were using for years?” Let’s discuss how the processes should be altered for optimum results! 

In the face of crisis, social media usage has surged once again.

According to a study, engagements are increased by 61% over regular usage rates. Messaging across WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram have increased by 50% in the countries hit hardest by the virus. Even, Twitter is observing 23% more daily users than a year ago. 

Many businesses (small or large) have found renewed value. According to Forbes, as companies reach out to customers and employees, there is a 15-20% increase in posts from users. Apart from that, their way of using social media is also changing.

Fewer businesses will be doing the same what they were doing before COVID-19, which means if you want to reach higher than your competition, you need to alter your strategy a little bit! 

Yes, all you need is to tweak your strategy a bit for effective social media marketing during the pandemic. 

Curious to know how? Well, here are just a few dos and don’ts you’ll want to follow in such a tough time for better results. Take a look!

Social Media Marketing: Pandemic Dos 

#1 Share Essential Tips

No doubt, you’ll want to share with your followers or users about business closures, ordering information, reopening guidelines, shipping delays, and more. But if you want your followers to stay engaged with you during this time, you’ll need to think beyond the practical. 

Make sure to share some useful information for followers while they stay home. For instance, if you run a gym, share some at-home workout tips with no tools needed.

In all, show your products or services in a new way that consumers can use to make their lives a little bit better. Don’t panic, if they’ll not immediately need what you offer; because by sharing this information, your customers will probably be even more loyal to your brand.

#2 Be Realistic & Supportive to Others

It is no secret that this is a hard time for everyone. Sure, it feels tempting to pretend like everything is business as usual, but this isn’t true. And if you cannot understand the reality of the situation, that could be a big turnoff to your consumers. Hence, it may help to be honest and open with what your business is currently experiencing. Lead with empathy, acknowledge the tragedies others are going through. It will definitely strengthen your engagement with the audience.

But wait, you’ve probably shared ways that customers can support your business. But how about the ways your business is helping others? During this time, find a way to give back that makes sense for your brand and skills — and further spotlight these efforts in a philanthropic way. Believe us, if your customers see how you’re lending a helping hand even when your own business is struggling, they will be more inclined to support you in any way they can.

Social Media Marketing: Pandemic Dont’s

#1 Don’t take Benefit Out of the Situation 

The fear is in the air right now — but it not at all means you should use it to your benefits. 

Please consider not to share the post if it has little to offer regarding this situation. Not taking advantage of fear for clickbait will make you bigger in the long run, and you would only be providing value to your clients regarding the situation.

Take time to think, before you hit publish: Are you helping, Or just adding to the noise?

Most importantly, don’t spread any misinformation regarding the COVID-19 on your social pages. Use your established platform only for good.

#2 Not to Make False Promises 

Your customers/consumers/clients want to know how your business is taking care of their employees amid this tough time. You probably know what everyone wants to hear. But it does not mean you falsify the truth. Some big firms have already been called out for furloughing employees when they’ve openly stated they’d be keeping their staff on. 

Hence,  be careful and not to lie about how your business is operating during the pandemic. It will only be damaging for your reputation!

Takeaway Thoughts

For sure so much is uncertain right now — and the idea of posting on social media might seem frivolous. But as a matter of fact, it’s essential for your business’s survival.

Not to panic as your social media agency can also help you to decide what to post or what to not!

But if you are doing it on your own, then with these dos and don’ts of social media marketing in mind, you’ll be in a better position to navigate the pandemic situation!

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