Top 4 Dubai Classifieds Websites to Buy and Sell Anything

Dubai Classifieds

Besides business promotion, the process of buying and selling regular toehold goods is changing its way. Now, those days are gone when you want to sell something which is no more needful for you and you are saying everyone that you want to sell it. It might be a sofa set or a bed. Now a day, classified sites are taking places and giving the option to make your selling item online to reach the maximum people.

When the topic comes to using classified sites, Dubai deserves the top position because in the UAE, classified sites are the biggest online market places and Dubai classifieds are among them.

So, if you are in Dubai or UAE and want to sell some unwanted household items to clean your house or to earn some money then it is going to be the most useful article for you.

Without any further drama, let’s drive into the topic and discuss the top 4 Dubai Classifieds.

Top 4 Dubai Classifieds Sites


When the topic comes to the online classifieds market in the UAE, Dubizzle is the King. It has started in 2006 and 80% of UAE people have an account of Dubizzle.

I am keeping it on the top because it opens unlimited options for people to buy and sell anything in the UAE. The website has millions of traffic and a wide range of categories to you can post ads for any categories based on your item you want to sell.

Dubizzle comes with free and paid both options. Based on your needs you can select and post your ads. Huge traffic and user-friendly experience make it the king of Dubai Classifieds. What you need to do is just register on and start posting ads. My experience says, there are more than 75% chances that your item will be sold.


You may have heard the name Locanto and truly saying that Locanto is the king of world classifieds but when the topic comes to Dubai Classifieds, locanto comes after Dubizzle. It started in 2005 and now it’s available in more than 60 countries.

Locanto also has huge traffic with a wide range of categories but I am keeping it second because the contacts details of the users are not verified on locanto accept the email ID.

Locanto also has free and paid both options so you can select based on your needs. You can sell everything from property to sofa set like Dubizzle.  Here the story is also the same, just complete the registration and start posting ads.

3. is a new player in the Dubai classifieds industry. It’s only around 1 year old. But here I am giving it 3rd position because of many reasons like it’s improving very faster; you can say that it’s the fastest-growing classified websites in the UAE. And the most important reason is security. All the users of the website are phone number verified so you can say that all contact information is authentic and verified.

The website is mainly focused on the safety of the users as because a classified site needs some extra protection for the users. It also offers a wide range of categories like Dubizzle so you can buy and sell anything from a property to a used bedroom set.

Bazinga does not provide any paid ad posting options for the users but they have premium placement option for free. If your ad is perfectly written with proper information and images then you can get it.


Abentra is not also a very old player. Its only 5 years old but it’s also generated some great value in the world of Dubai Classifieds. Abentra also has a huge category to buy and sell anything. With a good number of audiences they are one of the leaders in the market.

I hope the above Dubai Classifieds sites will help you if you want to buy and sell anything in the UAE. If you have any suggestions regarding any website which should be on the list, let me know.


Dubai Classifieds

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