Dubai Estate Brokers Brace for Selling AED1 Million worthy Villas and Townhouses

Many townhouses and villas are nearing their completion in Dubai, and this movement is energizing estate agents in Dubai to spare no effort in selling these developed by two giant developers of Dubai. Agents are relying on technology of SMS and email to provide bargains, deals, offers and likewise to potential people.

Take the example of effort from Dubai Property Group regarding selling its Serena. Dubai Property Group is taking advantage of AED1000000. Dh1 million is the price tag of villas and townhouses in their Serena. Some words about Serena. Dubai Properties developed its Serena in Dubailand exhibiting Portuguese and Spanish touch. Dubai Properties provided three enclaves, i.e., Casa Viva, Bella Casa, and Casa Dora. These enclaves feature close-knit neighbourhoods, tree-lined roads, landscaped greenery, family-friendliness and likewise. Villas and townhouses are Bella Casa and Casa Viva speciality while townhouses are Casa Dora speciality. Sunny outlook adorns exterior facades, and red tiles decorate roofs here. Contemporary contrast, open layouts, neutral colors with soothing tendencies, cleanliness and likewise feature interiors here. Dubai Properties provides a gymnasium, retail outlets, entertainment facilities, fine dining, and likewise amenities. Price begins from AED1,781,000.

The other developer is Emmar Properties, and it is about its Sidra Villas in Dubai Hills Estate are ready. Emmar provides cycle path, park, golf, retail centre, kids play area, swimming pool and tennis courts here. Besides, a supermarket and shopping mall is at a stone’s throw from Sidra. Hence, brokers are leaving no stone unturned regarding post-completion plans. Estate agents say that the developer is pioneering the practice of taking 40% of the property/unit price after handing over to the buyer. However, developers don’t appear mentioning prices officially. Websites of estate agents and other stakeholders hint at the price of square foot ranging from UED900 to UED1,000. According to Emirates 24/7, developers are using the registration fee waiver to attract buyers in Casa villas.

Dubai Properties has elegantly developed Casa Viva in the Mediterranean style. Casa Viva villas and townhouse with 2 to 3 bedrooms are equipped with a maid room too. Dubai Properties concentrates on relaxed living in Casa Viva community on account of lush surrounding and elegant design. The superb residential atmosphere rests on amazing community feeling, excellent spots to spend time at, healthcare centres, nearby schools, shops, restaurants, permanent security, and Spanish-Mediterranean theme. Further world-class facilities in Casa Viva are a community club house, parks housing shaded children play areas, seating areas for families, BBQ areas with seating facilities, recreational areas, swimming pool, tracks for walking and jogging, superb sports facilities. Access to villas and townhouses is smooth sailing with the road network.

Dubai Properties provide a smooth payment plan for Casa Viva property buyers. The down payment for a Casa Viva unit can go low to 5%. Dubai Properties offer 100% Dubai Land Department fees waiver. The next attraction is 15% paying through the course of construction. After a further payment of 5%, Dubai Properties will hand the unit or units to the buyer. The buyer needs paying the remaining 75% in up to five years.

Damac Properties launched two schemes. One is about investors where Damac offers them a guaranteed 3% annual return. The interest rate UAE provides on fixed deposits is half of what Damac Properties has offered. This 3% figure is a substantial step by Damac towards safe and high return and peace of minds for investors.

This return will be given on down payments made in the course of construction. Twice a year is its frequency. Damac will keep paying 3% return until completion. Besides, Capital Guarantee scheme is to the credit of Damac Properties. Here, Damac promises sustaining of the property price for two years, one handing over takes place. The buyer of Damac developed properties would get the monetary compensation in case if prices slide back before the dawn of the third decade of the 21st century. The Vice President of Damac Properties sees its properties earning opportunities featuring assurance and high return. Although international and local estate gurus fear a slowdown in property transactions, yet Sultan Butti Bin Mejran reports pleasant and assuring news. He is DG of Dual Land Department. He counts that the mere duration of fifty-three days of this year registered property transactions valuing to sixty-eight Arab Emirati Dirhams. Damac community list features choices generously. These are Akoya, Paramount Hotels and Resorts, Akoya Oxygen, Versace, FENDI, and Bugatti. Damac hopes that booming tourism of UAE will benefit Damac investors and the UAE economy. 

An estate consultancy, JLL, too believes in the attraction of UAE property world for relevant quarters, especially owner-occupiers and investors with long-term profit plans. This JLL opinion has emerged after a 10% fall in price as a good omen.

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