Egyptian Cotton vs. Organic Bamboo: Which One Is Better For You?

Egyptian Cotton vs. Organic Bamboo

A good night’s sleep is what your body needs after a long and tiring day. Whenever we think of sleeping, the first thing that should pop into our mind is whether the bedding will be comfortable or not. Unfortunately, most of us overlook that factor, and hence, the end result is a lower quality of sleep. 

Whenever you think of comfortable, luxurious bedding, Egyptian cotton bedding is the one that usually comes to mind, since it is a super soft, cozy bedding. However, with more awareness among people about the quality of bedding, another game-changer has come into the bedding market:  organic bamboo sheets.

Finding luxurious and comfortable bedding at times can be a challenge. With the large numbers of choices available on the market, let us take a quick glance at both Egyptian cotton and organic bamboo to find the best bedding option for you. 

Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Considered to be the gold standard when it comes to luxurious bedding, Egyptian cotton bedding is the highest quality and most durable thread. Derived from a unique Egyptian cotton plant, the threads are thin, long and have the smallest possible thread diameter. Due to the thick yarn, delicate thread quality is possible and you don’t need to compromise on strength and luxury.

Organic Bamboo Sheets

This kind of bedding comes straight out of the package as a strong competitor to Egyptian bedding. As the name implies, organic bamboo sheets are made from organic bamboo plants that are usually crushed into a pulp and then woven into fibers. Because of the sheer fiber length of the plant, long, thin threads can be weaved with more space thereby increasing its thread count. Bamboo sheets tend to weigh less in thread count and become softer with each wash. They also provide a luxurious look and feel. 

Durability Comparison

Egyptian cotton and organic bamboo cotton are both eminent in terms of durability. The threads last up to 15 years span due to the long, thin fibers derived from both Egyptian cotton plants and bamboo plants. Since smaller pieces of threads do not need to be sewed together, the long fibers spread throughout the sheets and reduce the chances of tearing or getting damaged. You need to wash both types of sheets carefully to avoid the sheets getting pilled. 

Touch and Feel

Bamboo sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets, due to the moisture-wicking efficacy, are both breathable and lighter than other fabrics. Both types of sheets do not get sticky even in the hottest temperature and with temperature regulatory capabilities, it can apparently keep you cold in winter. To start, go with 200 thread count bamboo sheets and 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. 

Health Aspects

Health is one of the most important aspects of why people put thought into their choice of bedding and their sleeping space. Organic bamboo sheets, due to their moisture-wicking ability, prevent the growth of bacteria since it does not stick to your body and is a breathable fabric. If you have allergies, it drives away bugs, pathogens, or other dirt mites from the fabric. Egyptian cotton is very gentle to the skin and is good for people with sensitive skin. It is a light fabric and helps you sleep if you suffer from night sweats.

Impact on the Environment

Bamboo sheets are derived from organic bamboo plant fibers and are naturally pest-resistant, which means it does not require any pesticides or insecticides while growing. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing and replenishable resources on Earth and can help to prevent soil erosion. Egyptian cotton is also good for the environment. It is biodegradable and sustainable and can be grown without the use of pesticides. 


When it comes to price, organic bamboo sheets can be less expensive than that of Egyptian cotton bedding due to the intrinsic level of work involved with Egyptian cotton. Bamboo sheets with lower thread counts cost less than their Egyptian cotton counterparts.


Egyptian cotton bedding and organic bamboo sheets are both equal game-changers in their respective features. Both of them are equally gentle and luxurious, regardless of whether you are a luxury-loving person or an affordable item seeker.


Egyptian cotton bedding

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