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Enjoy the blessed trip on a Char Dham Yatra from the Capital of India

The Indian tradition holds a history, which earlier to the Vedic ages. For this reason, the significance of God’s and religious temples at a variety of places in the country grab so much meaning for people. For them, a trip to the well-known Char Dams Yatra hides the very important fact of life. Char Dham trip draws worldwide travelers to come and feel a lot happier. You can book Your Char Dham Yatra trip, online now. The most preferred trip is a char dham tour package from delhi. Generally speaking, Char Dham Yatra consist of four major attractive spiritual destinations namely Sri Kedarnath ji, Yamunotri, Gangotri, Sri Badrinath ji. All four are renowned as the sect of Hinduism, But travelers from all religion use to visit these magnificent places. It is said that this blessed holy place purifies soul, body, mind of all tourists and releasing them from the connection of living and death and also known as Mukti. Keep in your mind that this tour has to be followed clockwise round called Parikrama to obtain real salvation.

Char Dham yatra

The Char Dham trip is a yearly pilgrimage to 4 holiest Hindu Temples situated at the four corners of the country. As per to Hindu mythology and scriptures, doing a Yatra to the Char Dham helps one to clean away sins and obtain Moksha Know as “Moksha Prapti” Below are the some secrets of Char Dham we bet most of you didn’t have the knowledge.

Char Dham Parikrama

Parikrama is the method of a walk around the temple. As per the Hindu tradition of Parikrama, devotee undertakes this blessed round from left to right to the temple. Pilgrimage to Char Dham yatri stats from Yamunotri shrine, the western shrine in the Garhwal devoted to the Goddess Yamuna, before going to Gangotri Temple, which is dedicated to Goddess Ganga, and then moves to Kedarnath temple which famous as one of the 12 ‘Jyotirlingas’ of Lord Shiva and lastly concludes at Badrinath which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

Char Dham Represents Three most important communal.

The blessed sites of the Char Dham are not associated to any single cult. Fairly, it represents 3 key communal with the Vaishnava site at Badrinath, connected by a Saiva Place at Kedarnath and 2 Devi Places at Gangotri  and Yamunotri.

Jagannath Temple in Puri

They are an extremely well-regarded rank of temple servants whose only work is to climb High the 214 feet above the temple at sundown and fix the flags offered by the devotee onto the Neela Chakra at the temple top. This job is usually accomplished within 20 minutes without using any special equipment, but with some really unusual activity on their parts. This daily ritual is an enormous crowd puller.

The unique temple of Lord Badri 

The unique temple of Lord Badrinath was not where it is nowadays. As per to the history, the real Badrinath Sculpture was exposed by Adi Shankaracharya in the Alaknanda brook and the beautiful place of worship of Lord Badrinath was constructed in the Garud Caves where PM Narendra Modi meditates at the blessed Garud cave at Chatti Kedarnath in 2019. Which are situated near the warm vault of Tapt Kund. Many centuries later on, the king of Garhwal moved the temple to its present place.

Ramanathaswamy shrine in Rameswaram

The Ramanathaswamy shrine famous for having the longest corridor in the world, length is more than 1.2 kilometers. It holds the record for the longest corridor in the whole world. The corridor established by 1200 huge pillars with sculptures depicting and detailed carvings of various scenes from Hindu mythology and stories. These pillars are a factual evidence to the architectural skill of the Pandya Dynasty as they are constructed with such accuracy that not a single one is out of the streak.

Jalamagna Shivalinga

Situated near Gangotri shrine, Jalamagna Shivalinga is a natural rock Shivling Idol which is able to be seen only during the winter, when the level of the water goes downward. This place is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva held Ganga in his tangled hair.

Dwarkadhish Temple

Another mysterious fact about Char Dham Temples is that the Dwarkadhish Temple is enclosed in daring displays of erotic art all through its exterior walls.

Surya Kund

Situated near to the glacial Yamunotri, Surya Kund is another warm water spring which holds an important spiritual meaning. The water from this spring is so warm that the Prasad is prepared in the water of that kund only in just a few minutes.

Badrinath Temple

Owing to its obvious Buddhist architecture, the present site of the Badrinath Temple is faith to have been a Buddhist temple before the 8th century. 

These are some unknown facts about the Chardham now yatri can explore there Chardham Yatra in Exciting Way. As everyone assumes Chardham Yatra is only for elders and not for students, however this is not fact. Chardham Yatra is very relaxing and energy providing, and also very knowledgeable for students. So can also plan a trip for Chardham and explore the beautiful places in exciting ways. For Chardham Yatra, the most preferred way to Chardham by book chardham Yatra tour package as it help us to explore Chardham in a better way and also help us to enjoy our Yatra in a Planned way. If you want to feel these exciting secrets of Chardham, just plan your trip now.


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