Will Forbidding M&A Only Worsen The Financial Influence Of COVID-19?


The partner and head of Corporate at Forbes Solicitors, Pauline Rigby has called the banning of mergers and acquisitions as anti-competitive and anti-economic, and according to him, it is full of risks, not the noblest act.  

Role of Democratic Party 

Mergers and acquisitions are forbidden in the UNITED STATES as the members of the Democratic Party imposed a temporary ban. The companies and organizations making mergers and acquisitions of about US$100 million profits or marketplace capitalization would be banned by the so-called act of Pandemic Ant-Monopoly Law. 

European governments and the European Union have claimed so many concerns over the non-domestic business entities who are taking benefits of economic effects of COVID-19 with making use of local businesses for their advantages and profits. The Governments are now imposing more significant threats for the foreign investors who are taking benefits of the financial impacts of COVID-19. 

The aim behind banning M and As.

The primary aim to ban mergers and acquisitions is to prevent any destructive attainments. It is proposed that business and corporations that are going through financial depression due to pandemic own less conversation rates when it comes making deals for extending markets sales. In general, the businesses who are facing the declines are more attracted to proposed deals in a hope to revive their businesses. But they do not regard their true worth, and they could make more profits when the pandemic is not around.   These types of markets are enforced to accept any proposals to make minor profits for their companies. In pandemic, foreign investors ensure making maximum advantages of these small domestic businesses as they present them luxuriate deals. In the US, the Democrats also come with their own opinions that short-term ban on mergers and acquisitions between large companies would evade lasting financial concerns, which would be triggered by less marketplace struggle in the future. The ambitions behind such deals are transparent and more vivid that these will harm more in future than benefitting people and will enhance the economic downgrades of coronavirus. An absolute prohibition on M&As could result in the total downfall of all stressed small and large business, and they will not get enough support to make it again for their companies. With a ban on mergers and acquisition, a corporation more convincingly faces bankruptcy.


The consequences of this ban would be unemployment on a more massive scale, there will be no more competitiveness in the businesses, and it would be taxing for nations and states to overcome economic deficit due to these consequences of the ban. In short, the economic recovery could be more difficult for countries after that.

There is the thought that the faculty who are facing unemployment because of the bankruptcy, they look for jobs form such corporations who may have benefitted from the situation as foreign investors are taking advantages of consequences of the ban. The investors may own the power to buy the shares of struggling companies and Intellectual property assets as the struggler may have to pay the debts.  This would be an issue to composite consultations, but after the passage of trying time and distress, the investors will go on achieving lots of benefits with small investments. Conversely, the strugglers will still lose all the assets in efforts to repay their debts. The struggling corporations could be failed as the greatest losers in the end. 

The productivity levels for any business could be decreased if they prefer banning merger and acquisitions quoted Business Writing Experts at assignment help. An M&A ban could also prove counter-productive for any economy that chooses to enforce it. The laws supporting a prohibition in one state may not be appropriate, or inevitably exposed to a better encounter, in another state. The business investors may find it profitable to invest in foreign business instead of their local markets. It would create employment opportunities in other countries, and this will lead to an increase in the financial profits of other nation and state. Any state supporting laws to ban merger and acquisitions will face more challenges from business under anti-competitive laws and rules. But there might be several variations in strategies for these laws around every corner of the world. 

All states ought to follow the same principle of promoting competition and fair trials for increasing the revenues and profits for markets. If a big company is evaded form making any deals for merger, at the same time, other corporation could make acquisitions because they possess fewer revenues. Understandably, the omitted company has a strong base for ensuring the anti-competitiveness. Same as if a distress corporation is out of profits and taxes as it has no more assets to revive its business, then it is reasonable to question the upheld of acquisitions and anti-competition laws. The market competition will be reduced due to lower turnovers of the companies. The Encounters under anti-competition laws would need cautious deliberation. If acquisitions are drained out, then the adverse financial consequences could extend.  It means that the distressed company is going out of final assets and its debts are increasing, and it has no means to repay it. It can impart its effects on nearby business in the market and could cause a further increase in unemployment, and other struggling business can face the negative impacts too. 


All the states and officials are eyeing on reviewing their decisions on mergers and acquisitions, but it is risky and negative to pull a full ban on M and As due to consequences of COVID-19. This ban is short-sighted, and it should be negotiated again with all aspects and implications we could have on our small struggling businesses and the overall economy. But we still are confused to calculate the time and total consequences of COVID-19 on our economy, and we cannot wholly analyze the situation as it is not cleared yet. We are still under threats of failure and instability due to financial distress. It would be more beneficial for business communities to encourage law that promotes fair and true upholding of mergers and acquisitions.



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