Buying Patio Furniture: Five Tips on the Best Furniture for your Outdoor Space

outdoor patio furniture

Everyone loves sitting in the lap of nature to calm the mind.  It is amongst nature that we find peace—which is why we all try to create a natural and soothing environment right at home.  We all love the idea of a garden; to make that garden a nice place to spend your mornings and evenings, outdoor patio furniture online offers you comfort and functionality.

A set of a table and comfortable chairs is all you need to give your garden or outdoor space a cozier look.  A wicker sofa or a classic wicker rocking chair stacked with ample cushions will make the porch your second living room.

Also, if not for the whole year but at least for two or three months, turning your outdoor space into an alfresco family space is a great idea. It allows you to be in a natural environment and is less expensive than creating a new room.  When you get to live in the “greens”— who needs walls anyway!

All this sounds interesting but transitioning your outer space into something rejuvenating needs a judicious reallocation of resources.

So, this season, if you have decided to kit out the outdoor living area, you need to pick the right type of furniture that suits your needs.

Note: In case you don’t have much space, never overlook the outdoor-living opportunities on balconies with petite gardens and patio furniture.

Here are five tips that will help you choose the best patio furniture for your space.

1. Start with a list

First things first, make a list that clarifies whether you want to turn it into a dining area for a warm summer night or hosting the next dinner party, or a kid’s birthday party space.  It can also be an area for spending time alone cultivating your hobbies, like reading, gardening, writing and even singing.

Therefore, you need a list to help you decide what type of furniture your space will need according to the theme.  For instance, if your 12’ x 16’ patio is for casual cocktails in the evening,  there is no need for a dining table.  For such purposes, pick comfortable trending furniture online with several side tables and an optional fire pit.

2. The right furniture material

When it comes to deciding the material of the outdoor furniture, evaluate the function of your furniture.  By doing so, you can save time, money, energy and many other resources in maintaining it.

Here are a few examples:

  • Aluminum chairs.  They are lightweight, rust-free and easy to carry around but with time, they won’t provide the same stability of an iron or stainless steel chair.  If you have aluminium chairs that you can fold and hang on the wall or stack, it will help to keep their strength and durability.
  • Cedar loveseats.  For a sturdier option, cedar loveseats are great, not to mention that they give you a comfy feeling, just like being indoors.  However, they need maintenance every couple of years.  Moving them into a shady area and protecting from the sun is sometimes not enough to keep them looking good and strong.
  • PVC and plastic furniture.  Comparably inexpensive, rust-free, lightweight and requiring less maintenance or weather treatment, they can be washed and cleaned with a little soap and water.
  • Steel and wrought iron furniture.  Heavy-duty and sturdy material but are prone to rust if not painted and weatherproofed periodically.
  • Rattan, wicker and natural grasses furniture.  Aesthetically, these are the most suitable material for an outdoor space but they require waterproofing every couple of years.
  • Wood furniture.  Any wooden outdoor patio furniture online goes well with the outdoor aesthetics but they need regular weatherproofing with wood preservative and UV protection, which can be a headache.  You can choose weather-resistant wood such as cedar, teak, redwood and cypress but they will all need maintenance at some point.
outdoor patio furniture online

3. Don’t settle for less 

You must have seen those wire chairs that look like a slingshot.  Whilst they function as chairs, you wouldn’t necessarily choose them over other choices.  The problem is the size of this type of patio furniture; some are just too inadequate and narrow.  When you decide to shop for outdoor furniture, determine what you have in your mind—the need, the function and durability.  Test the furniture you have in mind and look for comfort before you make a purchase.

4. Never forget the shade

When it comes to warm weather, be decisive.  If it is a warm summer’s day and you want to spend the day outside; if your furniture isn’t suitable for under the shade you may be disappointed.  So, what is the best idea — an old tree shade, shade cover, a crank-deployed umbrella, a permanent wood or fiberglass roof over your patio, a motorized awning or anything that naturally shelters shade?  This is up to you to decide what would suit you according to your needs and space.

Tip: If you are in search of indoor furniture, such as a night table with cabinets and drawer, then look online for genuine furniture retailers, such as The Khazana.

5. Always opt for good quality 

With cheap furniture, you compromise with quality, which can be sloppy cracked casters or amateurish paint finishes.  We are sure you don’t want to end up buying bad quality furniture for your porch or balcony.  Close inspection can help in exposing such flaws.  Outdoor furniture is as important as indoor furniture, so never compromise on quality and your needs.

outdoor patio furniture


In this hectic world of harsh realities, it is nice to think of your outdoor space as an oasis of calm.  The difference is, it is not in a desert and is situated at home.  So, be a little careful when you choose furniture for your outdoor space.


patio furniture online

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