Top Foreign Places To Enjoy Honeymoon At Pocket-friendly Rates

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You are running away with the reality that we are all keeping a huge budget for our dream weddings. Indian weddings already preoccupy you with many rituals and traditions and it badly hurts you to choose a honeymoon. However, this means that you expect to enjoy your honeymoon at an international destination. It is a beautiful time in everyone’s life when they enjoy warmth and togetherness. Having spent so much in various Indian ceremonies including cocktail parties, henna ceremonies, and wedding receptions, your pocket would have almost become empty. So, now you should be afraid to enjoy a honeymoon. To get you out of this worry, we have compiled a list of some pocket-friendly exotic places to enjoy a honeymoon.

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Seychelles is home to picturesque islands such as Mahe Island, La Dig Island and Cousin Island. It is a rich, unusual and secluded entrance where every newlywed couple enjoys those perfect romantic moments to spend in a comfortable environment. Enjoy a perfect romantic honeymoon here on sandy beaches, coral reefs, nature reserves, and spectacular wildlife. The serenity of this place gives you a magical feeling and allows you to walk through the Virgin Rainforest with your spouse. There is a chance to get involved in various water sports activities. The land has affordable luxury resort villas offering private accommodation.

Cost: About 2.5 Lakh for a couple

Fiji Islands

Celebrate romance and love on the hidden private beaches of the Fiji Islands on your honeymoon. Love surrounds you here and makes you explore the flora of the forests with blue sky and water. This place is a truly beautiful and luxurious villa, where you can spend real moments of romance. Take a relaxing dip with your spouse at the Infinity Pool of these resorts with your spouse. The island also gives you the opportunity to enjoy a range of water sports activities.

Cost: About 2.5 Lakh for a couple


Mauritius is simply a paradise for newlywed couples seeking a honeymoon at pocket-friendly rates. Visit the secluded beach of Mauritius to enjoy an exotic honeymoon that will turn all your fantasies into reality. From watching dolphins or whales to enjoying a romantic dinner on a private island, Mauritius makes every moment spent here truly memorable. Mauritius has some beautiful activities to enjoy, focusing on a catamaran and various water sports activities. They can be pampered with relaxing spa massages and jacuzzis.

Cost: About 1.8 to 2 Lakh for a couple


Greece’s white and blue destinations with their exotic aura attract large numbers of newly married couples. The crystal clear waters of the sandy beaches, amazing romantic resorts, and pleasant weather make Greece an ultimate honeymoon. Santorini and Athens are stunning destinations in the country that are known for their romantic aura. Spend beautiful moments with your spouse and see beautiful corals and stars shining on crystal clear water. Country restaurants are sure to give you a relaxed honeymoon.

Cost: About 2.5 Lakh for a couple


If you and your husband love adventure, Kenya is the perfect place for you to spend your honeymoon. One of the romantic things you can do here is to eat in the woods with your spouse. Facing wildlife around you can give a thrilling experience. Riding on the hot air balloon with husband over Masai Mara can be real fun.

Cost: About 2 Lakh for a couple


You must have heard very little about this destination for a honeymoon. But trust me; That place will not disappoint you. In its beaches or the blue waters of the Mediterranean reefs, you are going to explore the world of imagination. The unusual charm and uniqueness of this place are going to make the newly married couples an ideal time. It can be truly breathtaking to enjoy a beautiful sunset while enjoying mint tea or spending a peaceful time in your accommodation in Morocco.

Cost: About 2 Lakh for a couple


Turkey turns into an ideal honeymoon destination for its vibrant nightlife, abundant shopping centers, luxurious resorts, scenic views, charming harbor, and many other things. On your honeymoon in Turkey, you can enjoy a two spa session and a hot air balloon ride with food in the caves. It would be really fun to celebrate your honeymoon in Turkey.

Cost: About 2.5 Lakh for a couple


Having untouched beautiful beaches, panoramic islands, stunning rainforests, classy resorts and an interesting collection of flora and birds, this place pairs couples on their honeymoon in Malaysia for diving, island-traveling and trekking and water sports She gives. Kind of a surprise with lots of fun activities. Gaze around composed beaches and enjoy a long cable car ride to make it more memorable.

Cost: About 1 to 1.5 Lakh for a couple


Honeymoon in the Maldives ensures that you forget all the tedious activities of weddings. The Maldives has many luxurious villas to ensure a beautiful time with the love of your life. The island country has some of the most notable places in the world. It offers a romantic stay in a luxury beach and land water villas and involves the couple in beautiful romantic moments.

Cost: About Rs. 70 K to 1.2 Lakh for a couple.


The land of the Pharaohs in Egypt, which gives you a chance to enjoy the mystical experience of romance. It is a country where you can enjoy the glory of its royal past during a spectacular honeymoon in the present. Explore ancient pyramids or relax on the banks of the ‘Pearl of Mediterranean’ to discover the extravagance of 4000-year-old monuments of land.

Cost: About Rs. 1.2 to 1.6 Lakh for a couple.


All the places above I mentioned are really exotic to spend your precious time with your loved ones. You already made up your mind but finding the way to reach your desired destination at affordable rates. No need to think anymore. Just book your Frontier Airlines Flights ticket now and visit your dream destination at very affordable rates.


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