2021 Guide to Get Medical Marijuana in Arizona

get medical marijuana in Arizona.

Back in time, the residents of Arizona found difficulty in using medical marijuana for medicinal and recreational use as it was illegal, but things have changed now. Realizing the challenges people are undergoing, Arizona made medical marijuana legal for people. All adults above the age of 21 are permitted to use medical marijuana. 

But it does not mean if you are an adult, then you can freely use medical marijuana. There are some things to comply with if you want to gain access to medical marijuana dispensaries and products. As every state has its medical marijuana program, the same is the case with medical marijuana. 

Not every state has the same conditions for medical marijuana as every state is coming with its terms and conditions. For obtaining a medical marijuana card, you need to go through all these requirements of Arizona and get a suitable treatment for the same. Let us figure out how to get medical marijuana in Arizona. 

Medical marijuana card 

You must obtain a legal and valid medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis products in Arizona. The residents of Arizona are permitted to use medical marijuana for recreational and medicinal use. But the question most people ask is- Am I eligible to get a medical marijuana card or not? 

If you are also not sure whether you are the right candidate for the medical marijuana card or not, then we have got an answer for you. The first essential requirement for people to possess a medical marijuana card in Arizona is state residency. In addition to this, all adults aged above 18 years of age can get a medical marijuana card. Along with this, the state will ask you to show some proof while applying for a medical marijuana card like a photo Id, driver’s license, and many more. Last but not least, you need to have at least one qualifying condition as this will make things easy for you. 

If you possess all these conditions, consider yourself the right candidate for obtaining a medical marijuana card in Arizona. Now, let us figure out how to get medical marijuana in Arizona. 

How to get medical marijuana in Arizona 

After fulfilling the requirements mentioned above, you need to apply for a medical marijuana card to get the cannabis products from the dispensary. 

See a healthcare provider. 

Ensure to suffer from other qualifying conditions before seeing a healthcare provider for your marijuana application. For this, you’ll get plenty of options by visiting the state’s website. The majority of the patients in Arizona usually complain of suffering from chronic pain and want to heal from it at the earliest. 

When looking for a medical marijuana provider, always go for marijuana-friendly physicians as sometimes the state does not accept the other physician’s recommendation. You’ll get to know about such physicians online. After finding such a physician, you can ask the doctor to fill up your application form on your behalf to proceed further with it. 

If you are looking for something precise to find marijuana doctors, always go with doctors like Allopathic, Osteopathic, Naturopathic, and Homeopathic. Another thing that will help you further is having an excellent bona fide relationship with the physician. After reviewing your application, the doctor will let you know the status of your application. He’ll only approve medical marijuana for you if he feels you are the right fit for it. 

Qualifying conditions in Arizona 

Every state has a diverse set of qualifying conditions for marijuana patients, and it is not the same. You need to ensure that you fit into the state’s qualifying conditions criteria before making it out to the physician. Here are some of the qualifying conditions which increase your chances of getting qualified for the medical marijuana card. 


Almost everyone is aware of the severity of the cancer disease. The cancer treatment involves chemotherapy therapy, which often results in nausea, pain, inflammation, weight loss, and others. But no worries, as medical marijuana has come to your rescue. It does not heal you entirely from cancer disease but helps ease out its symptoms to make living easy for you. Consequently, you can get medical marijuana products for relief from cancer symptoms. 


No doubt that there is a treatment for treating glaucoma, but that treatment is risky as it can lead to further nerve damage and, on the worse side, even blindness. But medical marijuana is effective in dealing with glaucoma, and you can have it in smoke form or any other form you find suitable. 


All those people who have HIV or AIDS complain of loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, but fortunately, medical marijuana can boost your appetite to a great extent. The compounds in cannabis products such as THC and CBD help relieve their symptoms and ease out things for you. 

Hepatitis C

It is a kind of virus transmitted from sexual intercourse that further leads to inflammation. The person suffering from hepatitis C also undergoes other symptoms such as nausea, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and others. Your one-stop solution for all these symptoms is medical marijuana products. 

Crohn’s disease 

Crohn is a severe disease, and no proper cure for this has been there to date. But studies indicate that medical marijuana is effective in fighting the symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease. The cannabis strains are pretty effective in reducing inflammation from Crohn’s disease.  

Chronic pain

The majority of patients tend to complain of chronic pain and spine pain these days. Some people confuse it with chronic pain, but it is different than that. If you are looking out for its potential treatment, then medical marijuana is the best option for you, and the THC dominant strains will help relieve you from pain. 

Nausea, cachexia, epilepsy, seizures, muscle spasms, and Alzheimer’s are other qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Arizona. 

Gather documents 

While submitting your marijuana application, the pharmacy board and state will ask for some of your crucial documents to serve as proof and attach them with your application. Once you officially sign the form, you need to gather these documents, such as a photo ID, a recent photo of yours, a complete and attested form, and SNAP documentation. 

Besides this, all these documents must be approved by the physicians as this will boost your chances of getting approved for medical marijuana. All the processes will take place in an online format, and nothing will be done manually. 

Submit your application 

Once you are done with all the documents and the physician’s approval, it’s time to register yourself with the state’s health department to speed up the process. All the minors need to choose a different form while applying. Usually, within 15 days, you’ll come to know of the status of your application, whether the ministry has approved it or not. 

With the help of an online system in place, it is pretty easy to get to know the status of your application. There is no obligation to wait for the card to arrive as you can get it printed online and visit the cannabis dispensary to avail your cannabis products. 

Visit the dispensary 

After getting approved for the medical marijuana card, you can easily visit the medical marijuana dispensary in your state to get the cannabis products for yourself. People do not realize it initially, but having a medical marijuana card will open many benefits for you. Besides giving you cannabis products, it makes sure that the products are superior. Not only this, but you also grab the products at reduced prices compared to the other people. Taxes levied on products will also be customary for you. 

Renewing a medical marijuana card in Arizona

Some people have this misconception that getting one medical marijuana card will continue for a lifetime, but this is not the reality. A medical marijuana card holds for a specific time only, and after that, you need to get it renewed before it ends. The process of restoring a cannabis card is not complicated and is pretty straightforward. 

But make sure you apply for it in advance before your card expires. While asking for a card renewal, you again need to submit all your documents to confirm your identity. In addition to this, a physician’s approval is also mandatory. You’ll only get the card if the physician states that you need follow-up care to get rid of the disease completely. 

How much does medical marijuana cost in Arizona? 

Some states charge in excess for the medical marijuana card. But fortunately, this is not the condition with Arizona. It is pretty affordable in Arizona to avail of medical marijuana services. You are eligible for reduced charges if you belong to SNAP and can provide the desired documentation. 

The initial application fee is nearly $150, and the card will be valid for two years. If you are a minor seeking a caregiver for yourself, the fees will be $75-$200. 


Discuss the steps to get a medical marijuana card in Arizona? 

For obtaining a medical marijuana card, you need to abide by some of the steps mentioned below. 

See a physician and book your consultation 

Know qualifying conditions 

Get a written recommendation from the physician 

Gather documents 

Submit the application 

Visit the marijuana dispensary

Is it difficult to get a card in Arizona? 

The answer is no. By following the above-mentioned steps and paying the fees, you can get it in no time. It is easy to navigate through the portal and get your card to heal from your disease.

Is medical marijuana legal in Arizona? 

Yes. Recently only Arizona legalized the usage of medical marijuana for recreational and medicinal use but only by adults. For minors, there is a different procedure. 60% of the people voted in its favor, and consequently, Arizona made it legal. 

Final words

Everyone must have gained in-depth knowledge concerning- how to get medical marijuana in Arizona. If you require to heal quickly from your disease, this is the best alternative available. 


Medical marijuana card

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