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YouTube has become one of the fastest growing social media and video sharing platforms of all time amongst today’s generation. With the availability of the internet in all the corners of the world, the community of video sharer and watcher has grown close in the last few years. YouTube has given the creators not only the full flexibility to share their talent and reach a group of people that certainly have a certain kind of content, but it has also allowed the creators to make money off of their talent showcase. While it may sound easy to make money off of YouTube by just making videos and doing what you love, it might be harder than you thought.

Starting a YouTube career is easy, but growing your account is not. It takes an insane amount of hard work, dedication and YouTube algorithm odds to be in your favor. You would need a smart strategy to attract more subscribers to your YouTube page. To become the next YouTube star, you would need to work both hard and smart. YouTube attracts over a billion unique users every month. From watching vlogs (video blogging) to learning a dance routine, a recipe, a new language, even DIY videos, YouTube is a go-to platform for many. It is a great platform to reach a potentially huge audience for your content. Here is a compiled list of tips that could help you reach more potential subscribers for your YouTube Channel:

Buying subscribers for youtube: Due to high competition in youtube channels, you will not get sufficient subscribers. So, you can buy subscribers for youtube from These subscribers will grow youtube channels easily and reach the maximum number of audience.

Content: Create content that would hold the viewers at the edge of their seats. Good content combined with ideas that people could relate to would be your road to success. Nobody cares how much hard work you put into creating a video unless people can connect with the content you put out.  In addition, you should be consistent with publishing the videos. You should make a schedule to post videos. Like twice a month, or once every week. That way your subscribers would find it easy to know when to expect your content.

Long videos: Normally a video with 10+ minute marks gets picked by the YouTube algorithm and puts it on the viewers’ recommendation page. Try to make videos that cross the 10 minutes mark. Follow SEO and Social Media Marketing experts to know about the keywords that will help you reach new subscribers.

Engage with the viewers: Always keep in mind that communicating with the viewers makes them feel happy and they would promote your videos. Go to the comment section, favorite and reply to the top comments. Engaging with the viewers is always a good thing for growth and often for new video ideas. Keeping in touch with your viewers one or another will help your relationship to grow stronger and you can always lean on them during a complicated time.

Thumbnails: Along with choosing a terrific video title, choosing the thumbnail is another tricky part. It is the first glimpse that the viewers could get of what your video could be. Make the thumbnail interesting, but not clickbait. There is nothing people hate more than clickbait video titles and thumbnails. So be extra careful when you choose an image for the thumbnail. Do not forget to add clickable links and cards to your videos.

Intro and Outro: Instead of starting and ending a video abruptly, choose an apt intro and outro for all of your videos. This way your videos look more put together. It gives your videos a sense of professionalism which appeals to the general public. Nothing compelling about a video that is all over the place. So if you are not good at editing, hire an editor. If you want to be a professional YouTuber you will not regret having a professional editor.

YouTube is slowly becoming a compelling career choice for many and YouTubers are celebrated as well-known personalities on this platform. Some YouTubers have found their way to the traditional entertainment industry. To succeed in this platform, you will need to be a powerhouse of entertainment, dedicated to your group of followers, be ready to accept constructive criticism and use some of the best practices.

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