Top 10 Greenest Cities For Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Like Never Before

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St. Patrick’s Day is always joyous regardless of whether you’re celebrating it because you are Irish or you want to have a lucky feel. There are a lot of celebrations but you need to make it all green to inspire the true sense of the event. 

Why not take that feeling of being green to the next level this year? Why not try looking beyond just wearing Patty’s pride on our sleeves? Yes, it would be a great idea to celebrate the day in one of the greenest cities in the world that are popular primarily for all the greens they have to offer. 

Here we have brought you the greenest cities around the world that make for a perfect choice on St. Patrick’s Day. For this, we’ve ranked the metro areas based on the number of homes listed for sale with the word ‘green’ in their listing. So, that means we’ve not just taken into account the homes that boast green design and sustainable materials, but also the ones which boast verdant hues being used inside out. 

Another thing considered for the selection of these cities for celebrating the event is the number of Irish pubs each of them has to offer. So, what that means is that this St. Patrick’s Day you won’t be short of options when it comes to grabbing a green beer and celebrating your day in the greenest city in the world. It will also help ensure that whatever celebrations you indulge in, you’re doing them in an environmentally-friendly manner. 

So, whether your home opens through that green door or it’s just green-certified, here we have the 10 green cities that are going to shamROCK the St. Patrick’s Day for you. 

1. Seattle, WA

Around 9% of homes listed for sale in this metro area of Washington DC are marked with the word “Green”. There are 15 Irish Pubs that make it one of the best cities to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. 

2. Madison, WI

The capital of Wisconsin is also considered among the top green cities of the world. The city is home to 3 Irish pubs and 7 percent of the listings are advertised as Green. 

3. Phoenix, AZ

Even though Arizona’s capital city is known for its warm temperatures and year-round sun, the city is still considered among the greenest cities around with 6% green homes and 3 Irish pubs. 

4. Denver, CO

One of the oldest metropolises in America, Denver is known for 6 percent green home listings with 5 Irish pubs known for the green specialties. 

5. Portland, OR

Portland remains the largest city in Oregon and it sits on the Willamette and Columbia rivers. The city is home to 6 Irish pubs and 6 percent of Green homes are for sale there. Perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. 

6. San Antonio, TX

A city rich in its colonial heritage, San Antonio remains a major city in south-central Texas. With 5 percent green homes and 5 Irish pubs, what else you’d want for Patty’s Day this year. 

7. Austin, TX

The capital city of the Texas state, Austin borders the green region named Hill Country and 5% of homes here are listed as green. There are 3 Irish pubs in the country as well. 

8. San Diego, CA

Known for the pristine beaches, warm climate, and beautiful parks, San Diego remains one of the green cities perfect for celebrating Patty’s Day. There are 5 Irish pubs and 4 percent green homes for sale in the city. 

9. Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, New Mexico remains the biggest city of the state with 4 percent green homes here and a couple of Irish pubs to give you perfectly green celebrations this year.

10. Dallas, TX

Another green city from Texas, Dallas also brings you 4% of all homes for sale that are advertised as Green homes and there are 3 Irish pubs in the city making it a perfect choice for the celebrations.

So, if you have been planning to go fully green this St. Patrick’s Day, it would be a great idea to choose any of these wonderful destinations for your perfectly green celebrations. What are you waiting for then? Gear up and shamROCK!


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