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The steps to look for a certified and qualified electrician are often daunting and difficult to narrow to shortlist the right one. Several business owners and homeowners are struggling to know the appropriate steps to follow to hire a trustworthy electrician for their specific property.

Even they are keen to know what to look for during hiring an electrician. Though the electrical requirements of both homeowners and business owners are same yet it is extremely important to hire a reputable, experienced and licensed electrician. They are expert in handling any electrical emergency that arises in your business property or home.

This guide will let you know the ways to find out and hire a local, qualified as well as professional electrician who can handle a wide range of electrical complexities.  Here you can know about the difference between commercial and residential electrician and whom to choose at the time of emergency in your property. So, let’s get started.

What are the differences between the Residential and Commercial Electricians?

Residential and commercial electricians in London make use of varied wiring procedures and equipment for attaining a wide array of energy needs and load demands. The electrical amount needs by your home is pretty different from that of the load demands of large-scale commercial operation such as healthcare facility or a resort. However the trainings and certifications they perform are much similar despite the fields.

Licenses and qualifications need by the Residential and Commercial Electricians

Just like other construction-specific jobs, electrical tasks require both license and extensive education. Prior to become full-time licensed electricians, they have to gather experience in this specific field by working as apprentices for a specific time period. Regardless of the fields of specialisation an apprentice wants to choose, three steps are required to be a licensed electrician:

  • Both have to complete 4-year apprenticeship program
  • Both have to complete a year of formal training then work with a journeyman electrician for hands-on training
  • After completing their apprenticeship and formal training, they should crack the 2 location-centric exams for receiving master electrician certificate and license to begin their own trade in the city. 

On completion of the above-mentioned three steps, required licensed are given to the electricians so that they can practice their business without supervising by a journeyman electrician. Depending on the local governing bodies, licensing requirements for electricians varies from states to states.

A few states need a much longer extended period for the new electrician to work under the journeyman electrician. It will influence them to earn much experience to become an authorised one to perform any kind of electrical repairs and installation in residential or commercial buildings.

Kinds of electrical jobs performed by Residential and Commercial Electricians

A residential electrician has the responsibility to perform every type of electrical works and repairs in home including installing power outlets and additional wiring. On the other hand, commercial electrician is responsible to install and repair fire protection, power and complex security system in the commercial buildings like stores, malls and offices.

Both residential and commercial electricians have to use varied wiring methods and materials to finish their specific electrical works.

Is there any kind of safety precautions which must be taken by the electricians?

In contrary to construction workers and other contractors, electricians suffer from higher risk of serious injuries. Among these, they widely experience fall, electrical shock and burn. Rarely, some injuries get fatal. That’s why electricians are supposed to wear protective as well as durable gears such as gloves, thick rubber boots and safety glasses during working on sites.

Right time to hire an electrician

You must look for the qualified electrician on time before experiencing any kind of electrical emergency that needs immediate repair. Finding a reliable and right electrician is time-taking and rushing to the neared ones on the last minute can cost you more.

As a result, you cannot the desired result and it will expense you more in the future too. The ideal time to hire an electrician is before the occurrence of any electrical issue. Prior to sell your house, you must call your certified electrician for an extensive inspection of your home’s electrical condition.

The entire wiring system will be inspected along with the breaker box so that the property easily passes the buyer’s inspection. Furthermore, both commercial and home remodelling work also requires the expertise of an electrician. Natural disasters result in wreaking havoc to the property and often referred to as emergencies.

At that time, a business owner and a homeowner seek the emergency assistance from a certified and licensed electrician without any delay.

Hope, you have well understood the basic difference between commercial and residential electricians. You are well-versed with the situations when you need to hire a residential or a commercial electrician. Electric Works London is there for you with a great team of electricians who can handle electrical emergencies either on your home or on commercial buildings. Get in touch with us today or request us a quote.


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