The Best Halloween Costume To Dress With Your Halloween Contact Lenses

blackout contact lenses

Halloween costumes are what makes Halloween so special and that is exactly why people go around dressing as freaky and crazily every year. With that people try to find extreme ways to dress on Halloween to make it even more special and that is where Halloween contact lenses take the stage.

What is so special about Halloween lenses?

If I can put it simply, Halloween eye contact breathes life into your Halloween costumes. These lenses are designed with extreme colors and patterns and they look amazingly real on the eye just take a look at the blackout contact lenses. That is why everyone is crazy about having a pair of special effect crazy contact lenses for Halloween.

Would you like to know about some of the best Halloween costumes with Halloween contact lenses? Then just sit tight as we are going to find the most amazing fit for you and the best Halloween lenses to go with.

Halloween Contacts & Costumes

1. The Beast (X-Men) & Yellow Wolf lenses

It is quite an old costume considering the character is part of the famed X-Men yet still, it is pretty awesome for a Halloween costume. A wild blue beast with monstrous strength is perfect for Halloween won’t you agree? You can easily get it done with some blue body color and blue hair. But the real effect will only come after you have married the yellow-wold Halloween contact lenses to this costume. It would actually appear as though you have mutated into a wild beast.

2. Orcs (Lord of the Rings) Red Eye Contact lenses

Second, on the list, we have the lord of the rings and the super antagonist army of the orcs. Pretty gruesome, weren’t they? Makes them perfect for Halloween, the disfigured face and body and that body armor make for a wonderful Halloween costume. Getting that costume right would be one hell of a job for anyone and you cannot afford to fail so why not bring those orcs to life with some Halloween contact lenses? Red-eye contact lenses have always been Halloween’s favorite and they would be perfect for a costume like this. Blood-thirsty Orcs with cold red eyes, sound pretty awesome.

blackout contact lenses

3. Doctor Strange & Green Halloween Contact Lenses

Doctor Strange has come up to be one of the strongest Avengers characters and your Halloween costume doesn’t always need to be gruesome or scary. It can easily be one of your favorite superheroes from your favorite movie. Honestly, this isn’t a costume that would require much effort and with a green pair of Halloween lenses, you can cast any magic spell with your Doctor Strange costume. 

4. White Walkers & Blind White Contact Lenses

Who can forget the white walkers? At least not yet, they were one of the most famed antagonists of this decade and probably the most feared as well. Now we know the white walkers were known to have cold ice blue eyes but we can always improvise can’t we? No matter how you put it, blind white eyes with the blind white eye contact lenses are far more spooky and disturbing than any other eyes for some creatures known to be zombie-like and have an army of the dead. 

5. Sinister Demon (Sinister Film) & Black Sclera Contact Lenses

This is one of the most haunting demons of Hollywood history. Someone who comes after anyone who watches “those” home movies that are actually murder footage. This supernatural entity appears to be very disturbing. A facial makeup, long drenched hair, and a sewed-like mouth would do the trick for this costume. Just remember to wear a pair of black Sclera contact lenses for this costume as this would give the perfect and horrifying effect for this costume. 

6. The Nun – Yellow Wild Cat Halloween Contact Lenses

This is probably the most recent addition to a long list of Hollywood horror characters. It is another terrifying demon that has come across and makes for the perfect Halloween costume idea for years to come. The best thing about this costume is that it is very easy, all you have to do is find a nun costume and a good facial makeup and all it is left is the Halloween contact lenses and the best fit for this costume is the yellow wild cat Halloween contact lenses. It will certainly give the perfect Nun costume.


So yeah, all you need is the right Halloween contact lenses pair to bring your Halloween costume to life. You improvise and get the best Halloween costume.


blackout contact lenses

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