Header Tags Instead Of Titles? How to See Changed Title in SERP?

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Recently, people are talking about Google showing header tags, H1 and H2s, as SERP Result, Instead of Meta Title tags. Social and public platforms like Linkedin and Twitter people are talking and finding solutions about it.

Google recently announced Google’s new title tag generation policy that from now google can consider header tags or text of webpage as SERP title.

Key Things to Consider

Google continuously make updates and changes to the algorithm to better user experience, Now google announced another update related to the SERP titles generation.

Why does Made This Change

people are used to stuff keywords in titles and used the same keyword 2 3 times in titles. Google has made a new policy for generating titles to show the exact result for what they are looking for. 

What is a new policy?

Google might be considered the below text as the SERP title. 

  • Content of H1 & H2
  • Content of another heading tag
  • Any decorative text of the webpage
  • Anchor text of the link on the webpage
  • Alt text of Image on a webpage

Google might be considered the above sources while generating a new title, that does not mean the impact of the title tag is terminated, or title tags are useless.

Google says that 80% of pages are used title tags, and the rest, 20% used a new title tag policy.

Google might rewrite your title If

Title tag new policy does not apply for every title. After all, what are the pages whose title Google can change according to the new policy?

  • If the title is too long
  • If keywords stuffed
  • If default text like Home, service page
  • if title and body content does not make sense

How to see Changed title in SERP

If you want to see how Google is changing the title of your and your competitors, FEDE GOMEZ has made a free tool to check title changes in SERP. It’s a bookmarklet you do not need to install.

Let’s see, step by step, How to see a Changed title in SERP?

Step 1: Visit this page and copy the code.

Visit this page

Step 2: Go chrome browser, Right-click on the bookmark bar, and select “Add page”.

Add page

Step 3: Add page title and past that code in the URL section.

Add page title and past that code in the URL section.

Step 4: Now Go to Google and search somethings

Now Go to Google and search somethings

Step 5: Click on the bookmarklet to see changes.

click on the bookmarklet to see changes

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