Heavy-duty Kitchen Equipment for today’s Commercial Kitchens

Heavy-duty Kitchen Equipment for today’s Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchens are the lifeline of today’s hotels and restaurants. They form the core of operational efficiency and economy of operation. The rise of mobile food delivery apps such as Zomato, Uber Eats, Swiggy, DoorDash has given rise to innovative business models in the food industry, and has changed the landscape of the food industry forever. Many restaurants and hotels and industrial canteens have integrated central kitchens as the heart and soul of their operation. They have been integral to the continuance of business and the seamless flow of operation at all points. 

The food industry in recent times has been hit left, right and centre by the spiralling effects of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 virus. The industry in order to revive its hopes must now look for innovative ways to re-position itself as safe, hygienic and reliable. Though this will take some time, considering that the public has to shed off its fears and inhibitions as regards consuming restaurant food, central kitchens play a vital role in guaranteeing food safety, hygiene, and help regain their confidence back. 

Advantages of Central Kitchens:

Before we deal with the topic in hand, let us quickly discuss the advantages of central kitchens. Central kitchens play a vital role in cutting down on headcount, purchase of raw materials—invariably reduces food costs—and prepping meals for multiple branches. A central kitchen is also shared on a rental-basis with smaller restaurants, food trucks, canteens, cafes if they don’t have an equipped kitchen to handle large quantities of food, store huge loads of raw materials, and prepare meals or cook entire meals for the hotel or restaurant. There are many benefits of a restaurant or hotel equipped with a central kitchen:

#Growing your business: Commercial kitchens help expand your business in a predictable and systematic way as a lot of processes are automated.

#Saves time: Gone are the days where the kitchen owner needs to rely on tedious manual processes: commercial kitchens make short of food processing, cooking, baking and other activities.

#Consistency in Taste & Quality: This is a major advantage as hotels and restaurants endeavour to maintain consistent taste and quality across multiple branches. People usually expect uniform taste and quality across restaurants and hotel chains. This allows them to follow a certain level of standards and maintain consistent branding.

#Streamlining processes: A central kitchen streamlines the various processes by automating the procedures and batching tasks.

Why heavy-duty kitchen equipment for today’s commercial kitchen?

Commercial kitchen equipment is used in a wide range of everyday processes or functions such as pre-preparation, food processing, dish and ware- washing, baking, cooking, quick service and meat-preparation in hotels and restaurants, industrial canteens, catering companies, institutions, hospital kitchens, QSR chains, bakeries and RTE and RTC.

There is a range of commercial kitchen equipment available for the above mentioned application areas including bakery equipment, dishwasher, cooking equipment, chappati machine, rotisseries and multisseries, processing machines, vegetable processing machine, masala grinders, meat processing machines, toasters and holding cabinets, juice and coffee machines, ovens, griddles and kebab machines and fryers.

Most heavy-duty kitchen equipment used in commercial kitchens is built for sturdy construction mostly of Stainless Steel (SS) of superior grade material. The SS construction is extremely hygienic with anti-corrosive properties. This is highly important from a safety point of view as much as increasing the production of food quantity. 

Many restaurants and hotels use commercial kitchen equipment for effective management. At a time when hotel businesses can go out of competition due to poor customer service, commercial kitchen equipment can improve customer service by miles by efficient delivery.

Commercial kitchen equipment is extremely environment friendly as it has compelling features in terms of machine performance, sustainability, time duration, temperature balance and smoke-free operation. 

Though investment in commercial kitchen equipment can be huge, the ROI can be handsome in the future. If the targeted volume isn’t achieved, it means loss of business for the hotel or restaurant. Having the right commercial kitchen machine from a reliable commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer can increase the volume, and therefore meet the demands. 

Commercial kitchens having the right equipment can innovate their offerings by adding more food items to their menu list.  These are some of the benefits when any commercial kitchen upgrade to heavy duty kitchen equipment.


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