7 Most High-Demanding Degrees In UK: 2021 Report

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Your passion obviously comes first when it is to higher studies, but you must ask yourself what is your objective 5 years down the line. The urge for earning money is the natural response that comes from within. Therefore, at some point, you need to keep aside your personal motivation and chose a degree that can offer a bright future.

Top Ten Most Employable Degrees In U.K.

While some courses are competitive, some are costly, some offer financial benefits, and some have the potential to make you highly employable. Find here about a few of the many high demanding degrees in the U.K.

1. Economics

Every company needs an economist who can maintain financial stability within the organization. Hence, if you study Economics, multiple doors will open up for you. You will be in high demand among every type of enterprise as soon as you step out of the university.

When it comes to salary, economists are the highest paid resources in any company as their contribution is invaluable. You can expect to earn approximately £40,000 per year with an Economics degree. As per U.K.’s statistics, people from an Economics background earn 30% more than other graduates.

2. Computer Science

The 2021 world is a tech-savvy one, where innovations are considered to have reached the zenith every alternate. However, an upheaval occurs and remodels the entire tech process. Naturally, this highlights the surge of computer science experts, who have the potential to innovate and protect network systems.

A computer science degree in the U.K. will thus offer you endless job opportunities in different industry verticals. Moreover, the pay scale will help definitely soothe your financial goals. The official state report shows that a Computer Science Engineer approximately earns around £30,000 annually.

3. Law

The opportunity for Law degree holders doesn’t just limit within U.K.’s national borders. They might find oversees opportunities if they have the knowledge and wisdom. Moreover, a law graduate can choose between different niches, which include –

  • Barrister
  • Advocate
  • Solicitor
  • Patent attorney
  • Legislative Analyst

Law degrees are not just highly employable. They are rewarding too. Within five years from graduation, a lawyer can earn up to £35,000 annually plus incentives.

4. Mathematics

Well, it’s the toughest on the list. But if you can successfully graduate with mathematics, there will be no looking behind. You will be the most fortunate one in the job market. The discrepancy between the high demand for mathematicians and the short supply is the primary indicator behind your high employability rate with this degree.

You might be called upon by the best grad schools for being a professor in Mathematics. Even the corporate sectors remain eager to hire mathematicians. Generally, you may earn around £40,000 per year with a mathematics degree.

5. Engineering

You must already know that computer science is not the only domain in engineering. You may take up pursuing the degree numerous different engineering subjects. All of them are highly employable and quite rewarding. The following are a few of the many sectors where Engineers can shine post their graduation days –

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Software Engineering

Although it is a high demanding degree, there are two underlying challenges. Once you can ride over those, there will be no stopping around.

The first challenge is that this degree is a bit costlier than the rest, making it a hard-to-reach choice for middle-class students. The solution here is to find an education loan or student payday loan from direct lenders that will cover the cost of tuition fees, housing charges, course materials, lab fees, transportation, and also your daily expenses.  

The other challenge is the fierce competition in the market. Your knowledge, skills, and potential must be at your best to gain a competitive edge in this market. Don’t forget internships and training – more they are in number. The better get your position.

6. Medicine and Dentistry

No wonder the U.K. is praised for its world-class medical system. The country has some of the best medical schools, from where you can pursue a degree in medical studies. One fine thing about these universities is that they offer innovative courses, where theory and practice remain combined ideally.

During your medical course, you’ll be working in a real hospital environment most of the time, which helps you be prepared for the future in a better way. Later, there will be immense opportunities for you to join any hospital or open a chamber of your own for practicing in private. On average, the annual income of a medical practitioner is somewhat close to £45,000.

7. Education

The concept of education has always been unique and impressive in the U.K. Since the pandemic, the country is motivated to improvise this sector in an even better way. Therefore, the opportunities in the education sector increase naturally, and it might be booming in five years. Therefore, you may set your goals as an educator and take up an Education degree for pursuing.

Following your graduation, you may join any public or private school as a teaching professional. In addition, you may start online courses for your students, which can be your side hustle for extra earning.

The Ending Note

The ones mentioned above are some of the many educational opportunities you may consider to ensure a bright future. If you can successfully complete the graduation, you will end up in a high payscale job with complete financial security.

From these multiple domains, you have to make the right choice. Make sure the domain you choose finally must also motivate you; otherwise, you won’t sustain until the end.


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