Affordable Countries for Higher Studies in Europe

MBBS admission in Russia

While getting your higher education overseas is great and highly recommendable, the cost can be one of the considerations to be made before the final decision making. Not to worry, however, because there are a lot of schools abroad that any and all Indian Students can go to for their higher education and MBBS program at affordable costs. It is some of these countries that we will be examining and recommending in this piece. 

Without further ado, let’s go straight into the list of affordable countries for higher studies in Europe that all Indian students can apply to for their MBBS program, as well as other programs of choice.


Ukraine, for a long time, has attained the level of one of the best countries in the world for studying abroad. It has enjoyed the trust and preference of many foreign students, making it a top destination for most students who want to study abroad. The country boasts of a lot of world-class universities and higher institutions of learning and adopts a very good educational system. MBBS admission in Ukraine is one of the best in the world. The country’s quality of education is highly impeccable and is definitely a place to go. Tuition wise, Ukraine offers one of the most competitive and affordable tuition in the whole of Europe, and the world at large. The cost of living is also very student-friendly. Add all of these to the student-friendly environment of the country, and you get yourself a perfect choice for overseas study.


The next country we will recommend for higher education abroad is Russia. This country is another of Europe’s top destinations for foreign students from all over the world and all walks of life. Russia hosts some of the most notable universities that offer top and world-class quality MBBS programs. For Indian students, MBBS admission in Russia is definitely an excellent choice. The country offers a lot of opportunities for students. When compared to a lot of other European countries, Russia immediately stands apart. The affordable cost of living, the ease of movement and transportation, the student-friendly atmosphere, the beautiful landscapes and discoverability, and so much more, makes this country perfect for study abroad programs for Indian Students. To cap it all, the cost of getting educated is highly affordable. It is for this reason we’ve named this country the number two destination in Europe for affordable higher education.


Get educated from start to finish in Spain without breaking the bank or stretching your budget thin. Boasting of 70+ standard universities, some of which offer MCI-recognized MBBS programs, Spain is another country that students can attend for higher education in Europe. The country doesn’t just offer affordability, it also offers excellent quality education and affordable living cost.


Whether you are a native of Germany or a foreign student from anywhere around the world, you will be highly welcome in Germany. Year on year, the country welcomes new sets of foreign students looking to pursue their higher education in the country. The reason for this influx of foreign students is the affordability and high quality of education in the country. For this reason, we recommend the country as a country worthy of selection by Indian students in the pursuit of a medical degree (or any other degree for that matter).


The beauty and awesomeness of France is not a hidden fact. It is known far and wide that this country parades some of the most beautiful landscapes that the world has to offer. From beautiful cities to amazing people, France is an ever-welcoming land to foreigners. For Indian students willing and hoping to study for their MBBS program abroad, France is another country that is recommendable. The country boasts of MCI-recognized universities for MBBS programs, a friendly environment, affordable cost of living, and most importantly, tuition that doesn’t put a strain on one’s budget. 

For students, any of the above choices are very good choices for affordable higher education in Europe. There are other countries not listed here, and students can choose to further explore.


MBBS admission in Russia

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