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The market for developing apps has always dominated Android. Recent research conducted by Statista suggests that by 2023 Android holds 87.4 percent of the market share for smartphones. The availability of an Android application allows you to connect to a wider population.

It’s predicted that mobile app revenues worldwide will hit $936 billion in 2023, a rise from $462bn in 2019. Do you not think that’s impressive? Some apps don’t make it and don’t earn any revenue. Around one out of ten mobile apps make it through due to the sheer number of apps and they’re expensive and so on.

It is possible to create a profitable Android application by hiring the best Android developers. This will earn you money. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on hiring an Android app development company in 2022 to work on an app creation project.

The most important aspects to be aware of when searching for Android developers

It requires specialist expertise, experience, and expertise to develop mobile apps. The creation of apps that make profits by solving business issues requires understanding business requirements and technical expertise and being able to design the apps. For your Android app development project you will need to recruit developers who have the following qualifications :

Android App Development Company

The ability to program in programming languages

Android applications are usually developed using one of the two main languages of programming: Java as well as Kotlin. Developers must be able to grasp the fundamental concepts of both programming languages, such as syntax foundations frameworks, multithreading, functional programming, concurrency, and generics.

Android App Development

Android SDK or Software Development Kit

It assists developers in developing Android applications faster by offering already-packaged code. For Android developers, Android SDKs are essential. Let’s consider Facebook as an instance. At the end that your developers will require the Facebook SDK to speed up the mobile app development process.

Experience with Android Studio

It is crucial is essential for Android developers because the IDE is compatible with a variety of Android SDKs.



Any app can be linked to any third-party service or app through APIs. For instance, Google APIs, for example, can be used to identify the app’s users, aiding users in finding their local locations or providing maps within your application.


Utilization of databases

A significant amount of data is managed by your app and the database is located beyond the smartphone. Developers of apps today use Firebase to provide data across different devices and to store data on the cloud. For your users to use your application offline, your developers need to be able to utilize the SQLite database.


The basics of Material Design

In contrast to Apple, Google initially did not have a consistent design across all applications. In the context of the Material Design initiative, Google has issued set guidelines for design. This is the basis to design user interfaces as well as user experiences.


Understanding of business procedures and SDLC

Developers must comprehend the logic behind their business decision-making. This tool can help developers to spot important features, plan the process of development, and then deliver an app for mobile devices that fully fulfills their business requirements.

Which tech stack do you want to choose for your Android application?

Mobility technology stacks have become crucial for the development process. There can be a good amount of debate about which frameworks, technologies, and methodologies are best for Android app development.

Before deciding on which technology stack to utilize and what features are going to be included in your app, it’s crucial to be aware of the capabilities of Android application development. Additionally, you’ll need to determine if the app is an Android native app or cross-platform. The cost of your Android app is determined by the level of features, complexity, and style of the app however, most of the time it’s not influenced by the programming language you are using.

Before deciding to hire Android developers, you must identify the skills and experiences they must have. A detailed job description will help you to select the ideal candidate to complete your project.

A stack of technology comprises many demands, specifications, and technology. There is a way to create an Android application of top quality using the correct mixture of software and specifications. The majority of business owners are struggling to decide on the best technology stack.

A brief list of development elements that you must consider before you start the development of your app is listed below:

Cross Platform

Think about your needs and business requirements

It is essential to think about the kind of app (native or cross-platform or hybrid) and the use of data, and accessibility to hardware. If you consider these elements you will be able to narrow the framework and language selection.

Define the primary goal of your app, and select the monetization model


Are you planning to create an application that will help your company? Can it solve specific issues for your customer? It is important to pay focus on the function and appearance of your site when you offer subscription plans. When your primary source of income is advertising, you must be aware of the performance of your app.

Find out the kind of collaboration you want to establish

Your mobile app can be created using a variety of methods. Apart from using freelancers as developers, hiring in-house programmers, as well as outsourcing development is a feasible alternative.

Be aware of the security of apps

If you take care of all security issues of your application and you can be sure that it’s bulletproof.

Include the integrations and the compatibility

Think about the third-party integrations you might require before beginning to develop your application. Also, you’ll likely need to connect the backend or website of your current system to your application, which will impact the technology stack you choose to use.

Java for Android app development

Java is a renowned programming language. The language was introduced in 1995 and continues to be used today. Developers can get everything they require in the package, which includes The Java Development Kit, the Java Runtime Environment, and the Integrated Development Environment.

Enterprise applications are being increasingly developed using Java. Apart from web-based applications and applications for the government, the platform is also used to develop big-data technologies like Hadoop or Apache Storm. Its Java platform is the best when it comes to the development of high-end apps and developing technology.

Kotlin is a tool for Android Development

Google has officially announced support for Kotlin as a brand-new open-source Android language. The best part about it is that developers won’t need to change all of their code when they switch between Java to switch over Kotlin.


Kotlin was first announced in 2011, however, it wasn’t released for more than five years. Kotlin is a clear competitor to Java in creating Android applications. JS, Python, and Swift developers are also using Kotlin to develop applications. According to the latest JetBrains report, the largest businesses prefer to employ Kotlin developers to create Android applications. Some of the apps developed using Kotlin include Uber, Evernote, Pinterest, and many more.

How can I find and hire Android developers?

Compiling, writing, and debugging Android applications requires technical expertise. Professional developers are likely to be required to accomplish this job. For business owners, it can be difficult to locate and hire developers. We’ve put together this helpful guideline on how to find the most suitable Android developer for the app:

Hire android app developers

Step 1: Write an explanation of your project

All requirements for business and work are best consolidated into one document. It can then be transferred to app creators when searching for them.

Step 2: Select the model that is most appropriate for you

Your app can be developed in a variety of ways. The development of mobile apps can be outsourced or performed by an internal team. The most costly way to create an application is to employ internal developers. So, the majority of businesses outsource their development tasks. The advantages of outsourcing are the ability to access a greater number of developers, and the ability to build your application more quickly.

Step 3 – Conduct technical interviews

Conducting interviews, and looking over portfolios and reviews You should narrow down your outsourcing partners or developers. Customer reviews can be the best way to determine the quality of possible outsourcing partners.

Step 4. Finalizing the contract and signing the agreement

To ensure that your app development endeavor succeeds, you’ll need to talk about all issues with your team, establish timeframes, and plan weekly or daily meetings with asking estimates. It is important to ensure that NDAs have been completed and security discussions are conducted.

If you decide to outsource the development of your app to Zestminds You will be able to hire an entire development team (with the help of a project manager) or add additional developers to your existing team. We’re always in the market for Android designers, developers as well as quality assurance engineers as well as project managers. Due to our shorter local hiring cycle, we’ll be able to swiftly locate and recruit additional developers if the project you are working on requires more developers than we can provide.

Android App Development Company Vs. Freelancer

Android App Development Company Vs. Freelancer

Mobile apps are now extremely efficient ways for companies to connect and stay in contact with their customers in the digital age.

With the massive rise in mobile phone users (it is predicted that by 2020, there are 6.1 billion mobile phone users) No business can afford to be not able to keep up.

To develop Mobile applications for businesses of all sizes it is important to establish the requirements of the app in advance.

Does your business stand to gain from one or more platforms application? If you’re looking at multiple platforms, you’ll have to determine whether you want to create native or cross-platform ones.

Then, you’ll need to decide if you would prefer to work with an app development firm, create your internal developers, or you might want to think about using an external developer to build your application.

Each option has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few of the most important things one must keep in mind when selecting an Android app development company to create a mobile app.

1. Engagement and Focus:

The main benefit when you hire a Mobile Application Development Company in contrast to the In-House IT Department for the creation of your Android application is the fact that they are committed to and the need to succeed in creating a quality application that meets the needs that you set out. If you employ a firm to create your Android application, the quality you want can be delivered within a reasonable amount of time and within a budget. price.


Freelancers generally work on many projects simultaneously. The decision of which projects to concentrate on at any particular time is their own choice. The stakeholders are worried about the availability of freelancers. This causes them to be less focused and dedicated to your project.

2. Expertise in a specific area:

Android App Development Company:

The development of mobile apps is the main area of focus for an app development firm. They are therefore well-equipped with the knowledge needed to build an application for mobile devices.


The freelancer is involved in several projects that handle both front and back end at the same time and is therefore unable to gain specialized knowledge on both aspects.

3. Fixed contract:

Fixed contract:

A reputable company for app development will offer an affordable price to their customers for every application development project. Except for situations where customers require more services or services charges remain constant. This is why Application Development Companies can help in limiting costs and also in creating a clear idea of the budget that will be set. The creation of an application development strategy in conjunction in conjunction with an app development firm can help you plan because you’ll know precisely what the application development project is going to cost before beginning.


However, freelancers generally don’t offer fixed fees and instead offer a rate per hour squared for services. This means that their rates will be more expensive than the rates of a company with a fixed fee.


4. Project Manager

It requires a lot of time and effort to create an application. In addition to the knowledge and experience, it’s important to have a proficient coordinator who is aware of the needs of all parties involved when making plans. Project managers are the ones who fulfill this role. Their job is to monitor and regulate the progress of the project. They are accountable for ensuring that deadlines and milestones are achieved in addition to making sure that coordination is maintained between all employees of the team. Apart from being the project’s manager The project manager also acts as the person responsible for customer relations.

Companies for the development of applications assist with the identification of their objectives by giving project managers.


The freelancer acts as an all-in-one army, coordinating everything from start to end. There’s a lack of balance between a freelancer’s growth process and the vision of the business owner.

5. Availability:

A fascinating difference between mobile application developers and freelancers can be seen in this field.

A company that creates mobile apps for you does not belong to an individual. It is an organization that you hire. If, for example, the project is handled by a Company when an employee is sick and the project is unable to proceed, it is handled by a different developer. The company will ensure that the deadlines for hiring are fulfilled when they are hired.


If a freelance developer gets sick during the development of the mobile application, the project is delayed.

6. Gain access to Advance Tech and Tools:

Additionally, Mobile Application Development Companies have access to the most current technology and tools. Because an app development company for mobile devices has a specialization in developing applications, they are equipped with the most recent tools and software available they can use. Therefore, they can create applications that are compatible with a variety of platforms.


The latest technologies and software aren’t available to freelance developers or your internal IT personnel. This can lead to an over-spent expenditure of resources.

7. Support available 24×7:

Support available 24x7

As time passes the Mobile app will require improvements, functional improvements, and aesthetic changes in addition to other modifications. Therefore, you must have a Mobile app development firm on your side during the application development process. The company will be able to develop a positive connection with you. An independent developer cannot give you such a long-term partnership.


Developers may simply change jobs or switch to another field, which makes them inaccessible for these services.

8. The desired quality promptly can be accomplished:

You can be assured of peace of assurance by using the services offered by Mobile app development firms. It requires expertise and professional expertise to enable an application development company to deliver the required standard of service. Portfolios, testimonials, as well as reviews will demonstrate this.


The business owners might not be able to meet requirements regarding quality when they look at the range from Independent developers. If the proprietor of the business spends more time in the presence of Independent developers than their own company, it may cause them to incur a significant cost.

In the case of contractors and freelancers, if you want to choose the Android App Development Company, it is preferential to pick the Android App Development Company. So, let’s see which are the top Android App Development Companies:–

Tips to Choose the Most Suitable Android App Development Company: This is a great way to select the best Android App Development Company:

best Android App Development Company

#1. Find a reputable Android App Development Company with an experienced team of developers.

It is crucial to take into account the experience of the team of experts within this Android developer’s profile. The job of creating an application for the marketplace and business is extremely difficult and requires a skilled developer who has experience in the field to complete it effectively.

#2. Don’t let cost be a primary Insight

When trying to find the best Android app development company which is cost-effective, businesses frequently come up with a subpar products of no benefit to their company. Instead of trying to risk it with an unproficient designer, it’s recommended to hire an entire group consisting of Android app developers with the capability to develop an excellent app for a low cost.

#3. Look Through The Past Projects Of Developers

You can judge how good Android developers work by looking over their previous projects. It is within their portfolios of work that you can discover the answer to the question: How do I hire an Android company for app development? Examine the app’s capabilities and capabilities in design and the timeline of the developer’s work for the task before hiring them. When you do this you will be able to assess whether or not the Android app developer can meet the requirements of the app. In addition, you can review the app’s ratings, reviews, and other feedback from others who have used the application.

#4. A solid understanding about Open Source platforms

Since Android is an open-source platform, it allows developers the ability to develop applications that are suited to the requirements of the user, which makes it vital that developers have an understanding of open-source platforms. So, it is recommended to search for firms that specialize in Android application developers who know about the newest library libraries that are open-source.

#5. Contact Previous Clients

There are a variety of factors to be considered when hiring a firm to build Android applications. Contacting clients from the past is one of the most important. It is important to determine how the developer handled its previous clients following having connected with them. Be sure to consider how they deal with the project following receipt and how responsive they are, the frequency of communication, and the way they deal with the problems such as.


Past client details are accessible through the firm’s Clutch or Extract page.

#6. Do They Use An Innovative Methodology?

Think about the following What is the way that your Android developer or Android agency for app development you’re considering working with the project? When you are hiring an expert Android developer, it’s essential to check whether the developer is aware of the company’s needs and the capability to improve their design and also the capability to create a new user experience, as well as the highest quality of results.

#7. For A Reputable And Certified Company

While hiring an independent Android developer is a low-cost option, it’s also an unwise method to get an Android application designed. The hiring of a freelancer may cause harm to your venture. The most secure and cost-effective way to create an app is to select an accredited and well-respected Android application development firm.

In investing an Android app development company lets the process of development be accomplished much more quickly since an entire team of testers, designers and developers are involved in the development process.


#8. NDA and Privacy Contracts are Obligatory

When you sign your NDA (or privacy contract), you must only work with a business or freelancer who creates Android applications. You can protect the confidentiality of sensitive business information by creating an agreement with Android developers. Furthermore, we need to make sure that the Android application is secure from infringements by taking responsibility for its property rights.

#9. Ask about the Team Of Developers

Search for an Android developer that specializes in the development of Android applications. As we have seen many times, brands and companies have employed freelancers to assist with app development with no prior contact with the client. Therefore, potential employers must inquire about the developers’ team members before the process of hiring to be able to tackle this problem.

#10. Discuss the Post Development Tasks and Helps

We must be discussing the following post-development tasks before choosing the Android app development company application submission, testing of apps and bug-fixing maintenance, support as well as maintenance. Before transferring the app to the development team, it is important to talk about the post-development work. You will be able to create a top-quality Android application if you employ an experienced Android developer.


After learning about the hiring process for Android app developers, know to build your very first Android application from scratch. Now you know the main differences between Java and Kotlin and also how apps are created.

With the latest technology and innovative ideas, Artoon Solutions develops high-quality software products right from scratch. Are there any other things you’d like to learn about creating Android apps? If you reach us, we’ll be able to assist you to create an app for your business from the beginning. Contact us at

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