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You’ve heard it before, and you are going to hear it again. To get your business ahead of its competition, you need a strong online presence. Failing to do so will leave your website in obscurity and your brand performing poorly. To avoid this, you need an SEO company in Thailand that will help your brand get noticed by people who are using search engines.

The goal is to improve your standing on the search engine results pages. And to do this, the SEO expert should make your website more user-friendly and improve its performance.

There are many companies offering SEO services in Thailand and hiring the best SEO company can be a difficult task. We can make it easy for you with these ten tips on what you should be looking for when hiring the best SEO company Thailand.

Tip #1. Beware of companies sending spam emails.

We get a lot of these spam emails every day. Sometimes we get emails that have useful content, but others can be downright annoying. If you are a small business that is looking for an SEO company, avoid getting tricked by these companies. Especially if you are new in the business and you have no idea about digital marketing and all its technicalities.

Most companies who are using spam emails are not competitive and have a generic approach to SEO activities. Delete them at once.

Tip #2. There are no shortcuts to rank #1 in the search engines.

 Avoid companies that promise you the moon and the stars. There is no guarantee that you can get a top spot without working hard for it. Getting to the top of the ranking should be an organic process, and even with the use of different techniques, there is no guarantee that you will achieve it in a short time.

Tip #3 Always look for transparencies.

Avoid SEO agencies who are not transparent about what they are going to do with your search engine optimization. There are many dark players in online marketing, and you have to be careful. Make sure that you are choosing an SEO agency that uses a strategy and technique that will get the results safely and within the parameters.

Tip #4. Do your research.

Spend some time understanding the techniques that the firm that you are hiring will use to get the natural links to your website or how they are going to optimize content. You need to ensure that these links are gained according to the rules of the search engine, or else your website might get penalized. The unnatural approach to getting to the top of the ranking will never work with the search engines.

Tip #5. Ask about their approach.

The SEO agency you are hiring should understand your business and should be transparent about its approach to achieving your business goals. During the pitch, ask them right away what they are going to do with your campaign. The answer to this question alone will give you an idea if you are talking to the right company.

Tip #6. Dig Deeper.

Spend more time researching the agency. Know the clients that are working and have worked with the company. You should also check the type of employees that are working in the company. You need all the skills to make your SEO campaign successful, and your prospect should have all you need.

Tip #7. Provide your business goals

Another factor in the success of your SEO campaign is knowing your business goals. The SEO agency should have a clear picture of what you want for your campaign and your objectives. You need to provide the agency with complete details. It will not only help you land the right agency but it will also facilitate better coordination. The agency can provide you with the perfect pitch if they understand your end goals.

Tip #8. Know where your money will go.

Before talking to an SEO company, prepare a checklist of what you want to achieve from this campaign and how your money will be spent on this campaign. The right SEO company in Thailand will prepare a plan and work on the strategies to achieve your KPIs and deliver the results you are after.

Tip #9. Ask for samples of their reports.

Every SEO company has different ways of reporting the progress of a campaign. The tools may be similar, but you still need to know how they present their report and what you can expect from them every month.

Tip #10. Check if they follow the search engine guidelines.

Another issue for SEO companies is strictly following the guidelines of the search engines. Google, for one, has its guidelines available for everybody’s access online. Make sure that the company you are hiring understands these practices. It will prevent getting your website penalized in the future.


Get the best SEO company in Thailand to help you scale your business online and achieve your business goals. Use these essential tips that we have enumerated here to land with the right SEO agency.

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SEO company Thailand

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