Hollywood Hacks – How Production Designers Build a Movie Set

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Well, there can’t be a person who hasn’t seen Star Wars or Avengers. Even if they haven’t watched these films then I’m still sure that they must’ve watched John Wick in which the might Keanu Reeves wears James Bond Suit. Anyways, the point is that everyone has once watched a film in his/her life. These movies are a great source of entertainment for the audience and many people can also relate to the movies in their own life. This movie industry is expanding ever since and believe it isn’t new. Even decades ago, this type of entertainment was really liked and loved by the people and it hasn’t changed ever since. All of us like different genre types or movies but the point is that have you ever even wondered how these films are made? It isn’t a child’s play to make such high-profit movies and it really takes a lot of hard work and thinking. So today we are going to give you all the details about how films are being made.


Before the film starts, the first thing for the production team is just to think that what the film will be about and what it has to convey. This sounds so fun but it’s not. The team has to think a lot about the movie, what it will be based upon, and how it will indulge the audience. Remember that the aim of the movie producers is to make profits and in order to do so they have to make movies in which they can easily engage the audience and make them feel like they are in the movie themselves. Production guys seem like fun as they are always being messy and wearing Leather Jackets and other stuff but their contribution to the film is a lot more than you can even imagine. After some meetings, they have to hire some writers and as soon as they like any of the scripts, then they are ready to employ some directors and cast. Even after the script is finalized, the work has now become more complicated as there are a lot of discussions between the directors and the producers so that they both can understand each other and make the output exactly as it’s required. 

After both of them are on the same page only then can the filming be started?


As soon as both the director and the producer are on the same page, then they have to think about the sets where the movie would take place. Now, these sets could include both real locations or artificial places which include the use of the green screen in the background. Most films such as Avengers and other superhero films make use of the green screens. In films which are based in the old times, as its settings will be in the process of making then it’ll be the task of the production designer and art director to look for the stuff which was used back in the old times. It includes the furniture, the way of dressing of the old people and all the other small stuff. Whereas such as if the film is based on today’s world then they can include Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket whereas if the film was based on the old times then they could use clothing according to that only.


This filmmaking stuff is a rocket science thing. For the audience, it’s only a movie of an hour or so but for the people who produce it, it can take them years to give such outputs and it can be a hectic job as well. Even making the production sets is just as detailed as making the whole movie so you can understand how difficult it’s only to create production sets than the movie itself alone. So that’s all by my side, now remember it’s only a piece of how movies are produced and it doesn’t include all the information. Have explained all the main parts of the movie-making though so hope that it’ll be helpful and informative for all of you.

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Leather Jackets

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