How To Deal With Messy Yard After A Big Storm?

Messy Yard

Are you residing in a storm-prone area? Do you face strong winds and storms so often? If yes, then your yard may be severely affected by storms and strong winds. The big storm can destroy the shape of your yard and ruin your month-long efforts in just a few minutes. 

The terrible storm not just wreak havoc on your yard but also damage trees in your landscape and destroy your property. Luckily, there are various methods to recover your yard after a big storm. 

Here, we have listed a few tips to asses your yard and implement some technique to get back the good shape of your yard. Read the following steps and find our how you will clear up the mess in your yard after a big storm: 

Examine Your Yard Precisely

First of all, you should start with lawn inspection. You should check shrubs, flowers, and trees in the yard. Take a paper and pen to note down the fallen trees, branches and limbs in the yard. 

It is important to note down the fallen trees or branches so that you can reveal the true condition to the arborist and insurance carrier. You should pay more attention to those trees that are severely affected. It is so because you may replace the most affected tree with other strong trees in the future. 

Or, you should improve the wind barrier around these trees or shrubs to prevent major destruction in the future. It is a good idea to install storm fencing and outbuildings to protect your yard from destruction and damage.

Inspect Drainage System

Once you have inspected the condition of the yard, then you can move on to the drainage system, gutter and curbs as well. Make sure these are not plugged with mud, lawn debris, fallen leaves or anything else. 

The plugged drainage is also a major cause of damage during a storm. You should ask certain questions from yourself. How to remove these fallen leaves? How to get rid of the water puddle? You can also take the help of a professional drainage specialist. I

f you want to DIY, then take out a shovel and get ready for dirty hands. Use the shovel to remove the fallen leaves in the gutter and drainage system so that water gets the direction. This will help you to remove water puddles. 

Clear Stone, Stick, And Leaves From Yard 

The storm brings dead leaves, sticks, and stones in your yard. You should start cleaning your yard and get rid of it. It is very important to clean your yard as soon as possible so that run rays can dry out the water clogged lawn. If you delay the lawn cleaning, then it will result in a stinky lawn and garden. 

When you clean your lawn, then sun rays will reach your yard and dry it as soon as possible. Make sure to create a separate pile of all those items that can be used as compost. You should not include oak leaves in the compost stuff because these leaves doe not decompose. 

Call An Arborist 

A huge storm leads to broken branches and fallen trees. Also, other trees that are standing straight are severely affected by a huge storm. You should immediately call tree specialists who can inspect every tree in your yard. The Arborists have good knowledge to deal with the storm-affected trees. 

According to the condition if different trees, he would suggest different methods. If there are chances for recovery, then he may suggest to trim or prune the affected portion only. On the other hand, if more than 50% tree is damaged, then there are the least chances of recovering. 

Moreover, high affected trees pose a risk to life and property. Therefore, he may suggest uprooting highly affected trees. These tree specialists also provide firewood cutting services. The trees specialist in Sydney cut down fallen trees and branches to provide you with free firewood Sydney. 

Do Not Get Into Standing Water

If a huge amount of water is collected in your yard, then it can be highly dangerous for you and your family. There could be various reasons behind water clogging. One of the biggest reasons is the plugged storm drainage system. 

Another reason can be that the water stream has gone above the specified level. In this situation, you should warm your family members and neighbors to stay away from standing water. Also, report this to the local authorities as soon as possible. 

You should wait for some time and let the water to subside. In worse situations, the local authorities will visit your place and implement the right techniques to remove water from your yard. But, you should stay away from this standing water.


Messy Yard

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