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Thanks for the social media platforms that appear in our life which play an important role on enhancing the quality of our daily life and enriching it with more interesting activities. As is known to all, here are several social media platforms service a huge amount of users around the world such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you may find that WhatsApp is more and more popular in recently years. 

It’s true that WhatsApp is really a good communication tool can not only let us communicate with family, friends, classmates, or colleagues at any time, but also share videos, images, audios, and other funny things to them freely.  However, as a user of WhatsApp, I often encounter with some problems like the video files can’t share with your friends successfully, or the video format is not supported to share with others via this application. If you are a one like me who faced with those tough issues, follow the article, you will learn several good solutions to help you send videos to others successfully with ease.

What makes you are failed to send videos to others?

Although there are many good features of WhatsApp satisfied your needs, there are still many restrictions on files sharing to others. Are you still confused what limitations make you failed to send videos? Let’s figure out the reasons and make problems can be solved effortlessly. In cases below, you maybe failed to send share video files:

1. Video files are too big to send

WhatsApp has limitation about file size when share a vide to others. The maximum file size is about 16 MB. You may be shock about the small size of files. Worse still, there is also a limitation about video length that the maximum of video length can be about 90 seconds to 3 minutes. 

2.  Video formats are not supported

Another reason will make you can’t send video successfully that is the restrictions over the format of the videos. Here are several formats WhatsApp supports including MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI and 3PG. For audio codecs, you can keep it as H264, AAC or AC3 when transfer videos.

Solutions on how to send videos with large size via WhatsApp

1. Alternative method to send large videos on WhatsApp

Due to the limitation of file size, the best method is to find one alternative method. In fact, send big video files on WhatsApp by Google Drive will be a good choice. At present, dealing with big data every day, more and more people would like to back up the important contents in there Google Drive account. It’s convenient to download and check the files at anytime, anywhere. And you are able to take advantage of the sharing functions of Google Drive.  Follow the steps to send large files by Google Drive instead:

Step 1: Open Google Drive on your phone then upload the large files into the cloud storage platform.

Step 2:  After files uploaded on Google Drive, then hold on the files for a while and here are several options appearing on the screen. Choose “Copy Link” option.

Step 3: Go back to WhatsApp chat room you are about to share videos with. Put the link you copied from Google Drive on the text box. Last, send the link to your contacts. Now, your contacts can directly view the video with no need to download. 

2. Best video size converter for WhatsApp

If you don’t familiar with Google Drive or other cloud storage platforms, take it easy, convert the video files to other WhatsApp supported formats with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro will be another good option. This is an all-in-one video box. No matter reduces the video size or convert video to WhatsApp supported formats can do a great job effortlessly. Only three steps needed to reduce and convert video files for WhatsApp. Have a try with the following simple guidelines:

Step 1: First thing first, free download from its official product page and install the video compressor on your PC. After installation process finished, simply launch it. Click “Converter” icon on the concise UI. Here pop up a new window. Press your mouse on “Add Files” button to load target video files into the compressor. 

Step 2: Open output format list on the right side of the window. Here we select “MP4” as output format to convert MKV to MP4. What’s more, here are more customize settings allowed you to adjust as you wish by clicking “Parameter settings”. Moreover, I would like to crop the video with the highlight part to share with contacts. Thus, I crop it with its built-in video editor. Notice to keep the codes as H264, AAC or AC3 before conversion start. 

Step 3: Choose one path folder to save the converted files. Hit “Run” icon to start the whole video file compression and conversion process.

Winding up

From above you have already known the reasons make you can’t share videos with contacts successfully, and get the best solution to figure this issue out with ease. In fact, no matter sends files via Google Drive or changes the video files with this video compressor and converter, both are good methods deserve to have a try. Now, you can choose the solution suits you most and make a try. 

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